Virtual Assistant Courses

Virtual Assistant Courses

We have developed core Virtual Assistant Courses that will provide valuable insight into the key aspects of becoming a fully functional Virtual Assistant. Working as a Virtual Assistant or VA is a highly demanding job and you require absolute confidence to be a success. The key difference to your previous careers is that a VA Career will mean that you are your own boss and are responsible for all work.

Our core Virtual Assistant Courses can be delivered in an intense one day workshop or over two days. They are designed for people who have good Office, PA or Admin skills and are looking to make the move into Virtual Assistant Work.

These core VA Courses offer the mixture of planning the business and marketing for your new Virtual Assistant Business. This includes looking at how to set up your business structure, how to administer the business, how to build a business plan, how to enhance your marketing plan. There is also a strong focus on SEO, Social Media, websites and other modern marketing which is essential for a modern Virtual Assistant to promote their business. These business and marketing elements are essential for anyone who is looking to be a success as a VA.



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    ‘The majority of failed Virtual Assistant businesses are excellent PAs or Administrators, but they fail to grasp the importance of marketing, find new clients and maintaining customer relations.” Virtual Assistant Expert

    All of our Virtual Assistant Courses are delivered in classroom environments in London, but remote learning options are available. However, our onsite teams are experienced Virtual Business trainers, business and financial specialists. All of our courses are accredited by the CPD.

    CPD Accredited VA Training

    We also offer a mixture of VA Courses for more advanced areas. Our Social Media Course, ICB Certified Bookkeeping Course, AAT Certified Bookkeeping Course and AAT Course to Run a Small Business are very popular. They will help you to offer extra services to the ordinary VA and get more customers ultimately.