Bookkeeping Diploma for Virtual Assistants


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Bookkeeping Diploma for Virtual Assistants

This course provides Virtual Assistants with the ability to gain the skills and experience to understand Bookkeeping and Finance. This will open options to provide basic bookkeeping services to your clients and carry out the bookkeeping within your own small business. This has proven to save significant costs for small business owners.

Bookkeeping Training for Virtual Assistants


To build a solid understanding of bookkeeping and to prepare the student for CPD Certificate in Bookkeeping assessments. The course can be taken full-time or part-time, and Chartered Accountants or high-level Financial Services professionals deliver the training. This enables students to gain skills and qualifications in a fast-track method.

Course Format

This is a virtual classroom course that is delivered with an interactive style that has extensive practical exercises. This builds real knowledge and confidence. This ensures that you are prepared for the CPD exams.

Syllabus Detail

  • Invoicing and Basic Bookkeeping entries
    • The completion of financial documents such as invoices and credit notes
    • The recording of cash and credit transactions
    • Practical explanation of double entry system
    • Posting of ledgers and relevance of T accounts
    • The preparing  and balancing of a bank reconciliation
    • Petty Cash

    Introduction to Accounting

    • Year-end adjustments include accruals, depreciation, pre-payments etc.
    • Journals.

    Trial Balances and Financial Statements

    • Preparing a trial balance from raw data
    • Extended trial balances and year-end adjustments
    • The creation of straightforward Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports from trial balance

Course Requirements

This course starts from the basics, and there are no prerequisites.

Why is this beneficial to a VA?

  • Skills and knowledge of Finance
  • Use your knowledge to make business decisions for your VA business
  • Save on costs of Bookkeeping / Accountants by doing the functions for yourself
  • Open up the option to offer Bookkeeping services to clients. This is a natural progression for your clients, who will likely require both VA and Bookkeeping services.
  • Gain a CPD qualification.

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5 – 6 July 2023