General Information

General Information on Souters

Souters has been delivering courses continuously since 1988.

This new website tries to make the information gathering and booking exercise as streamlined as possible. The left-hand boxes should contain most options needed.

If you cannot find the information you need on the site, please contact us either by e-mail CLICK HERE or call on 020 7248 8987.

All persons interested in our courses should register online.

As you book a course, information will be included in your record as will information on any payments, exam results etc. You can also join our online chat room.

Courses are available as individual course units or as parts of programmes (also called Diploma packages).

You are not restricted to any area and can book courses from a variety, of course, genres to suit you.

The whole learning system is based upon the aspirations and learning desires of the student.

You can also mix Distance Learning with in house learning or use blended learning to mix the two.

Courses are available full time and part-time including evenings and Saturdays.