How I got a PA Job following my PA Course

How I got a PA Job following my PA Course

Cristina Kyriakides managed to get a new job and develop her career whilst still completing her PA Course.

Prior to your Souters Course what was your employment situation?

I was a Receptionist and I took the Souters Course to improve my job options.

Why did you decide to take a Souters course?

I was keen to develop my career further from being a Receptionist. I knew that I needed to develop skills to get a higher-level job. I felt that an Accredited Qualification would build my CV and job opportunities.

New PA Diploma

What course did you complete?

The PA Diploma.

What is your new job?

I am now a PA / Admin Assistant. I was able to get the job as they were very impressed that I had taken my Souters Course in the job interview. They actually offered me the job because I had been on the course.

Were you able to get this job following your course?

Yes, with ease. I actually got the job during the last week of my PA course.

In particular, how has the course benefited your career?

I was able to get a better job and secure a position that has the scope for career development.

How have you improved your knowledge and confidence in the course?

I have a greater understanding of my new job and more skills to be a success in my new PA job. I also have the confidence to know and understand what is required in today’s office environment.

What do you advise anyone who is considering taking the course?

You should just go fit if you think you need to upgrade your career and gain confidence. The price of the course is an investment in your future and the difference in future salary will pay you back in multiples.

Would you consider taking another course in the future?

Yes, I would be interested in taking a Minute Taking Course so that I can be an advanced Minute Taker. This skill will help me develop my career.

How I Got a PA Job

What are your future career ambitions?

I would like to continue to develop my career and move up to higher levels and more senior Admin or PA jobs.

Please see the course listings below for details on how you can invest in your future. You can book the PA Course or the PA Diploma. Both of the courses are Accredited.

How I Got a PA Job

At Souters we offer the Level 3 PA Certificate and PA Diploma from the IEAA. This means that you can also progress to the Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications for Executive PAs and Executive Assistants.