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PA Diploma


To provide a comprehensive set of PA training, thereby creating for the student a full range of secretarial and MS Office skills which will greatly enhance job options.

To provide the student with the sound knowledge base and real practical ability/job readiness to perform effectively in a PA Role.

Course Format

The Diploma combines the live, tutor led and practically focused PA Course with training and certification in three MS Office subjects, copy typing and audio transcription training.

The MS Office and typing training can be made available online.

There is an assessment at the end of the PA Course and for all technical units (e.g. MS Office, typing etc.)

Course Content

The Diploma components are:

  • CPD Accredited PA Course for a detailed course content see below
  • MS Word to Proficient Level
  • MS Outlook to Proficient Level
  • MS PowerPoint or MS Excel to Proficient Level
  • Typing and audio training. (Audio typing is included in the fee but optional as a certification unit).
  • Beginner training if requested and is only advisable to people who have no prior office work experience.

Course Content

PA training course (Virtual Classroom delivered by Live Tutor)

  • Job functions of a PA
  • Diary Management
  • Business  Writing and Communication  foundation
  • CV Development
  • Composing E-mails, Memos etc.
  • Telephone skills
  • Making Travel/Hotel Arrangements
  • Filing Systems
  • Time Management
  • Invoicing/Petty cash
  • Client Care
  • Complaint Handling
  • Work Planning
  • E-mail and Document Presentation and proofreading
  • Confidence building
  • Typing and audio skills to proficient level or further if you already touch type
  • Organising meetings

Once all elements are completed a full range of certificates will be issued together with the overriding Diploma itself. Your tutor will also provide guidance on CVs and interview techniques to help you get your first job.

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“Much of her work uses in-house computer software and she makes extensive use of MS Office, especially Word and Excel. Thanks to her training with you she has coped well with the IT requirements and is able to concentrate on the needs and disciplines of the business.” Peter Evans. His granddaughter successfully completed the Secretary PA Diploma and is now working.

“Hi, I just wanted to mention that I got a job! I’m working as a personal assistant at a music production company specialising in advertisement and TV background music for the BBC. Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me, it has been very helpful and my boss has been very impressed with the things that I know. Already he trusts me to handle the business correspondence for the company. Thank you again for all your support.” – Ran

“This course is retraining me and enhancing my skills.”

Dates and Duration

Please refer to the schedule for start dates.

The PA Course runs full-time for one week or part-time (evenings or weekends) for five or ten weeks. All courses have a live tutor and end with a practical assessment.

The Touch Typing Course is flexible and can be completed in-house and at home; students have 3 months to reach the pass standard for certification (40 words per minute). Access to the Typing Course system is available for one year.

The Microsoft Office Training needs to be completed within three months from commencement, which is normally after the end of the Secretarial PA Course. This can be completed in-house or at home, although all exams must be taken at the centre (special arrangements will be made for overseas students). Access to the Microsoft IT Training system is available for 1 year in case you need to access it when in the workplace.

Course Requirements

A good secondary level of education and at least some office or clerical experience. If in doubt, please ask us and we can advise your best path. There is a Introduction Level PA Course if you feel that you need more foundation level training, before commencing a more advanced course.


  • Tutor led in-house training
  • Internationally recognised professional qualification
  • High job readiness on completion of course
  • Assistance with job hunting
  • Confidence building through development of in depth skills.


After successful completion:

  • CPD Accredited PA Diploma
  • Microsoft Certification of 3 Microsoft packages
  • Typing/Audio Certification

CPD Certification on successful completion

The CPD qualification (Continuing Professional Development) is a form of accredited training required by many professional bodies such as solicitors, barristers, accountants and many more.

Not only are CPD Courses well respected and known across the globe, they are often required for certain industries. A CPD accredited course on your CV is likely to benefit your job prospects greatly.

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