Executive PA Diploma- Level 4


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This Executive PA Diploma aims to provide a broad range of all the necessary functional skills with the added elements of management techniques for organisational effectiveness.

Executive PA Diploma

This programme combines highly interactive virtual classroom sessions with state-of-the-art IT  training, some of which can be accessed from the home or office. For added effectiveness, Advanced Microsoft training is also incorporated into this Programme to enable students to progress swiftly onto more senior PA roles.

Course Content

This programme consists of an amalgamation of our courses. Detailed content information is available at individual links in the text below. This programme encompasses the full range of underlying skills our comprehensive PA Diploma provides, combined with the more advanced skills and essential management techniques offered in our Executive PA course, plus the advanced Microsoft Office Diploma for an EA. This Level 4 Diploma form part of the IEAA Qualification.

The core content of  training courses in this Executive PA Diploma is as follows:

PA Course — Live tutor in Virtual Classroom

  • Job functions of a PA
  • Diary Management
  • Business Writing and Communication foundation
  • CV Development
  • Composing E-mails and memos
  • Telephone skills
  • Making Travel/Hotel Arrangements
  • Filing Systems
  • Time Management
  • Invoicing/Petty cash
  • Expenses
  • Client Care
  • Complaint Handling
  • Work Planning
  • Document and email presentation and proofreading
  • Confidence building
  • Typing and audio skills to proficient level or further if you already touch-type
  • Organising business meetings

Executive PA course –Live tutor in Virtual Classroom

On the job

  • The transition from PA to Executive PA or EA
  • Document presentation and proofreading
  • How to take a lead role in meetings
  • Tips on taking minutes


  • Confidence building to deal with executive-level environments
  • Synchronising your role with that of your executive
  • Setting priorities, managing your role/career to meet executive’s needs
  • Delegation, multi-tasking effectively, taking initiative

Executive Skills

  • Introduction to Management Theory
  • Styles of management
  • Relationship with your executive/s; how can you provide effective support

Communication skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Different questioning styles; how to use questions effectively
  • Office politics – how to handle this

Business Skills

  • Explanation of the role of social media in the modern executive arena
  • Overview of Project Management and Event Management for EA’s
  • Communicating and negotiating, win-win solutions; this can be internal or external
  • Human resources – EA as an interface with this function

Developing relationships throughout the organisation

  • Understanding other people at work; what do they really think?
  • Understanding how to handle stakeholders and their importance to your role
  • Passive vs aggressive vs assertive
  • Saying “no” is sometimes necessary

The Future

  • Take control of your career and advance your career with a clear plan
  • Build your map for the future.

Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive PA

We have partnered with a Microsoft Platinum Partner to offer an interactive online training system that offers Microsoft Office. Our Microsoft Office Diploma requires that you complete training to an Advanced level in the following programmes:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Teams
  • Visio
  • Office365
  • SharePoint

Typing Course (optional)

The final part of the programme is Typing training to ensure that you are typing at a speed of 40wpm. If you already possess these skills, you can take the certification assessment and skip the training.


Ali Wilde completed an Executive PA Diploma Programme; this is what she said about two of the courses:

“I attended this course to refresh and enhance my PA skills. It was an intense week of classroom-style learning, together with practical typing tasks. The tutor was competent and delivered the training extremely effectively. I will definitely be able to apply the skills I have learnt in my PA role.”

“A brilliant course, which has inspired me to carry out my PA role with enthusiasm and confidence. The course content was excellent, covering many skills that any PA would be able to put into practice in an office environment. It was delivered by competent tutors in a classroom environment.”

“Fantastic! Makes you think and realise that you can do it! Learnt new processes and good knowledge. Now just need to put it into practice. Very good strategies! Thanks”. K Williams from BMW.

Dates and Duration

You have up to six months to complete the Diploma. You can see the next start dates at the top of the page.

Suitable for

This full programme is suitable for a variety of people, such as:

  • People aspiring to progress to more senior PA or Executive Assistant roles
  • People from other sectors looking for a career change
  • Company employees looking for related training

Experienced PAs or EAs can apply for exemption form the PA Course module, please contact us ofr details.

CPD Accredited

All of our courses are CPD Accredited. CPD Standards provides a certification that our training programmes to deliver high quality. The CPD qualification (Continuing Professional Development) is a form of accredited training required by many professional bodies such as solicitors, barristers, accountants and many more.

Not only are CPD Courses well respected and known across the globe, but they are also often required for certain industries. A CPD-accredited course on your CV is likely to benefit your job prospects greatly.

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