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This Executive PA Course provides the student with a sound knowledge base and the real practical ability to perform effectively in an Executive PA or EA (International) role. The course is designed for full job readiness so that course graduates can move directly into suitable Executive PA or EA roles.

Course Format

The course is delivered in an experienced live and tutor-led virtual classroom environment. There is an executive training tutor and a tutor with an experienced PA background.

Practical examples and interactive sessions.

This Executive PA course is a unit of the overall Executive PA Diploma. It can be taken alone to achieve a course certificate or as a part of the Diploma.

Course Content

On the job

  • The transition from PA to Executive PA or EA
  • Business letter writing for Exec PA’s
  • Document presentation and proofreading
  • How to take a lead role in meetings
  • Tips on taking minutes
  • Typing enhancement (optional)


  • Confidence building to deal with executive-level environments
  • Synchronising your role with that of your executive
  • Setting priorities, managing your role/career to meet executive’s needs
  • Delegation, multi-tasking effectively, taking initiative

Executive Skills

  • Introduction to Management theory
  • Styles of management
  • Relationship with your executive/s; how can you provide effective support

Communication skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • Understanding verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Different questioning styles; how to use questions effectively
  • Office politics – how to handle this

Business Skills

  • Explanation of the role of social media in the modern executive arena
  • Overview of Project Management and Event Management for EA’s
  • Communicating and negotiating, win-win solutions; this can be internal or external
  • Human resources – EA as an interface with this function

Developing relationships throughout the organisation

  • Understanding other people at work; what do they really think?
  • Understanding how to handle stakeholders and their importance to your role
  • Passive vs aggressive vs assertive
  • Saying “no” is sometimes necessary

The Future

  • Take control of your career and advance your career with a clear plan
  • Build your map for the future.


“I feel very pleased with the content of the course and what was packed into three days. I feel the quality of the teaching and information was up-to-date, inspired debate; I thought the exercises/discussion were challenging. I feel Souters has been caring, considerate and very professional. I feel more confident about my skills and about approaching the job market as a result of the training I have received there.” EA or Executive PA delegate.

Dates and Duration

The course runs over three full days from 10:30 to 16:30. The course runs in a Virtual Classroom environment.  With Virtual Training, we set up a Virtual Classroom that lets a live tutor speak to you interactively. You can see and hear them, and you can see and hear your fellow students. Additionally, there are virtual whiteboards, chat boxes and audio-visual learning aids to enhance the learning experience.

Dates are in the drop-down area in the booking part at the top of this page.

“Tutor gets involved in the discussion, nothing is too much trouble to ask or sounds silly, good explanations with examples, enjoys talking to students”. S Holroyd. EA to CEO.

“I really liked how clear everything was; there was good interaction with other students and tutors”. L Kempenaar.

“I liked it most how the course has shown me what I am currently doing right and what I am not yet doing properly. The location is excellent”. C Hull.

Suitable for

This course is suitable for a variety of people, such as:

  • Existing secretaries or PAs looking to upgrade their skills and obtain certification
  • Experienced people from other sectors looking for a career change
  • Company employees looking for related training
  • Graduates of the Souters’ PA course or similar level of training course.

Our Executive PA Advanced Performance course and its follow-on course are for people already in a senior PA role, either nationally or internationally.

Course Requirements

You need good PA or Administrative experience (we will need to see a CV to ensure this is the correct course for you). If you do not have these, it may be that the PA course will be needed before taking this course. If you need a full range of training, the Executive PA Diploma includes the latter course. You can gain advice on this from the centre.


Course Benefits

  • Tutor-led workshop environment within a Virtual Classroom
  • Internationally recognised in-house training provider
  • Greater technical competence and comprehension of the requirement of an EA
  • High job readiness on completion of the course
  • Assistance with job hunting
  • Confidence building through the development of in-depth skills
  • Understand the management process and how to perform at executive levels
  • Soft skills training for EAs included with this course
  • Techniques to stay ahead in your field and manage your development

CPD Certification on successful completion

The CPD qualification (Continuing Professional Development) is a form of accredited training required by many professional bodies such as solicitors, barristers, accountants and many more.

Not only are CPD Courses well respected and known across the globe, but they are also often required for certain industries. A CPD-accredited course on your CV is likely to benefit your job prospects greatly.

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14-16 August 2023 (Virtual classroom), 18-20 September 2023 (Virtual Classroom), 23-25 October 2023 ( Virtual Classroom)