Event Management Courses

CPD Accredited Event Management Training Courses

Souters has a range of Event Management Courses taught in Virtual Classrooms. All of the courses are delivered by experienced Event Management trainers. Our Event Management Courses are all fully accredited by the CPD Standard Institute. Successful completion of the Event Management Courses will lead to CPD Standards Certification. This offers learners the ability to gain a professional qualification following their training.

Event Management Courses

We have developed training courses for people looking for Accredited Event Management Training Courses that provide a solid foundation in knowledge and skills. We have one-day and two-day Introduction to Event Management Courses held on scheduled dates in Virtual Classrooms.

Event Management Training in Virtual Classrooms

These training courses are popular with:

  • People looking to get their first job in Event Management
  • People who are working in Events and need a qualification
  • People in other fields who organise Events and need to develop their skills in Event Management

We do offer more specialised Bespoke Event Management Training Courses. Please get in touch with our offices if you require guidance or have any queries.

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    Event Assistant Training Courses

    We also offer a two-day programme for Event Assistants. This is an excellent way to gain a recognised qualification as an Event Assistant. Many successful Event Managers start as Event Assistants.

    Existing Event Assistants often choose this training programme to ensure they can gain the practical training and qualification to progress their careers and gain confidence.

    Souters has been delivering Event Management Courses for many years.

    Corporate Event Management Training

    We can offer Corporate Event Management Training to organisations. We can offer Virtual Classroom training or training at your location. If you are interested in your organisation receiving either our standard course or a bespoke training course, please get in touch with our office.

    We can arrange booking via online booking or invoice for corporate bookings.

    Our Event Management Courses have been delivered to many private individuals and corporate clients. People from organisations can opt to book their attendees on public courses that have dates listed on our course schedule or the individual course page. Companies and organisations have also chosen to book corporate training sessions for groups of employees. Some past companies who have taken our courses include:

    • SSE
    • Tokio Marine
    • Methodist Church
    • NHS
    • United Nations
    • OPEC
    • Supreme Council of Qatar
    • British Library
    • University of London
    • and many more

    A wide range of individuals can take Event Management Courses. This can include:

    • People who are working in Events looking for a recognised qualification.
    • People in Events who are looking to consolidate skills with formal learning.
    • A career changer who is looking to move into Event Management
    • People looking to build their careers in events and progress to a higher level
    • Professionals from other fields who organise events as part of their role. Common with Executive Assistants

    Other Courses of Interest

    Many have opted to take the Budgeting Course because it will assist them with controlling and planning more complex budgets as they advance in Event Management.

    Social Media Courses and Digital Marketing are also crucial for Event Managers looking to advance their skills for more significant event planning.

    These further courses are CPD Accredited, and certification is issued upon completion.