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Marketing Assistant Diploma in a Virtual Classroom

This is the CPD Accredited Marketing Assistant Diploma, which combines a broad range of Marketing training courses. The range of training and practical skills gained on this Diploma are ideal for ambitious Marketing Assistants, who would like to build their skills, confidence and qualifications, with an accredited diploma in Marketing.

Course Format

There are 4 modules to the Diploma. The Introduction to Marketing and the Introduction to Digital Marketing are two one-day virtual classroom courses that are delivered by experienced Marketing professionals. The Excel and PowerPoint training is delivered in a highly practical and interactive training programme that has been specially designed to meet the needs of a Marketing professional. These can be done on a flexible basis and you have up to 3 months to complete the course. However, most delegates opt to complete these course modules much faster.

Course Content

There are four components to the Marketing Assistant Diploma

Introduction to Marketing Course

  • What is customer segmentation
  • How to target custom segments
  • Developing a Marketing Plan and Mix
  • Differentiation, diversification and competing on price strategy
  • Business Planning techniques for Marketing
  • Understand the psychology of consumer decision making
  • Develop pricing strategies that maximise profitability
  • Appropriate channels for your plan
    Market Research and how to build a plan
  • Build effective communication efforts with customers
  • Social Media Marketing and Marketing Internationally
  • Practical case studies to implement learning

2. Introduction to Digital Marketing Course

  • The digital marketing course covers the modern side of marketing, it looks through how to manage a social media marketing campaign, pay per click advertising campaign and SEO. These are hugely influential parts of Marketing now and are set to continue to grow. This segment of the Diploma offers the ability for our delegates to learn from an expert in this field so that they can develop a truly modern skillset for a Marketing career.

3. PowerPoint for Sales and Marketing Course

4. Excel for Sales and Marketing Course

Who should take the Marketing Diploma

  • Marketing Assistants or similar roles, who would like to gain accredited training and qualification to build their CV and Career.
  • People looking to start their career in Marketing
  • People in other jobs, who require Marketing knowledge, can benefit from this job.

Dates and Duration

The Introduction to Marketing and Introduction to Digital Marketing takes place on a set date. Each module lasts one day and they are delivered in a Virtual Classroom. Please see the course schedule for their next dates.

However, the Diploma can be started on any date, if delegates opt to start the Excel or PowerPoint training. These are delivered online by an interactive training programme that has been designed by a Microsoft Academy. This is because these modules have a flexible start date. Any doubts on dates, please contact our office.


  • The course is ideal for people who are looking to launch their career in Marketing, as they will gain an accredited certificate and qualification in Marketing. This will build their CV and open up job options
  • The Diploma provides a broad range of skills, knowledge and confidence needed to progress in a modern Marketing career
  • Greater confidence in Marketing Jobs and the ability to add more value to their roles and teams
  • The knowledge and skills form the optimal base to continue to progress in the field

Marketing Assistant Diploma London