Sarah passes our PA Diploma to get a new PA Job to Finance Partner

Sarah passes our PA Diploma to get a new PA Job to Finance Partner

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Prior to your Souters Course, what was your employment situation?

I had recently graduated from University with a BA (Hons) in Applied Languages (French and German). I had some PA and Administrative experience which I acquired whilst studying.

What is your Job now that you have finished the course?

PA to a Finance Partner

Get a new PA Job

Why did you decide to take a Souters Course?

I wanted to have training in Microsoft Office, Touch Typing and Audio. I knew that my degree would not be enough alone to get my dream job.

What courses did you complete at Souters?

Secretary PA Diploma

Executive PA Diploma

What did you enjoy about the courses most?

I enjoyed the variety of topics, the ability to work in the college and at home, and the support from the tutors.

How do you believe that the course has benefited you?

Firstly, I have been able to apply the things that I have learnt to my new job. Secondly, I have two new qualifications to my name, which all in all have given me far more confidence in my career.

Were you able to get a job following the course?

Yes, I am now PA to a Finance Partner

In particular, how has the course benefited your career?

I am better equipped to work for a variety of people and am better prepared for the diverse tasks which I could be given.

What do you advise anyone who is considering taking the course?

Start with the Secretary PA Course and see how that suits you. The Diplomas are ideal for my needs and upgrading to them could not be easier.

What are future career aspirations?

I aspired to become an EA in an international firm. I hope to be able to use my degree within the role.

Would you consider taking another course in the future to further your career and skill set?


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Numerous people have taken our PA Courses in order to get a new PA Job. We offer a range of PA and Executive PA qualifications and all of our training courses are now accredited by the CPD Standards or the IEAA.