How Can I Get a Job as a Project Assistant

How Can I Get a Job as a Project Assistant

Project Jobs

London is a great city to find a job that pays well. However, when you are starting your career, it is difficult to choose the best job option. Some jobs are dead-end jobs with little chance to get ahead. Project Assistant Jobs are not like this at all. Project Assistants get vital Project experience on their CV and this enables them to move up to highly paid Project professionals. Many become Project Managers that lead teams.

Project Assistant Jobs

This naturally means the possibility to get a role that is high paying. However, it is necessary to have the correct skills to become a Project Assistant. There is a mixture of skills that are required to get this Project Job.

  • Administration Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Project Management Knowledge
  • Good Excel Skills
  • PowerPoint Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Good Business Writing
  • Team working
  • Flexible and Adaptable abilities

Some of these are soft skills (people skills), but they are more essential for Project Assistants than other professions at a similar level. This is because it is a people-facing job. There are often difficult situations in Project Management that will clever usage of interpersonal abilities. However, a knowledge of Project Management is needed.

Careers in Project Management

This means that you need to take Project Management training to learn some practical concepts in Project Management and some of the Project Management models. This can be gained in a short course such as this CPD Accredited Training program, CLICK HERE.

This gives the skills and relevant qualifications, without this you may struggle to get a Project Assistant Job in London. Once you possess this base of knowledge, you can move into a job and potentially continue training in the field.

Many will opt to improve their career options by taking a qualification such as PRINCE2, Six Sigma, AGILE, Waterfall, PMP Certification or another.