A successful PA, who got her dream job in London

A successful PA, who got her dream job in London

New PA Job

This interview with Sarah Clarke is a great career story. Sarah was a teacher who needed to alter her career. She took our Executive PA Diploma and managed to find a great new PA Job in a prestigious Oil and Gas Company.

Prior to your Souters Course, what was your employment situation?

I was a teacher

What is your current job?

Front of House PA in an Oil and Gas Company

Why did you decide to take a Souters’ course?

To gain an insight into the role of a PA and how Executive Assistants relate to Executives

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What courses did you complete at Souters?

Executive PA Diploma

What did you enjoy about the courses?

They were taught by people with professional backgrounds in a live tuition format; however, I could take my time to complete exams.

In what ways do you feel that the course has benefited you?

I have gained all the fundamental skills needed to perform the job; the IT skills have proven particularly useful.

Were you able to get a job following your course?

Yes; the course gave me an edge because the fact I persevered and passed all the exams showed a level of commitment which impressed the employer

In particular, how has the course benefited your career?

It has given me the confidence to apply for jobs which I otherwise would not have considered

What do you advise to anyone who is considering taking the course?

100% Go for it!

What are your future aspirations in your career?

I am hoping to move up to more senior PA and then EA positions

Would you consider taking another course to further your career and skill set?


New PA Job

Sarah has shared her story with us and it is an excellent example of how the correct training course, qualification and transferrable skills make a successful career change possible. PA Careers are a great option, as with the correct amount of experience, skills and Executive Assistant qualifications, many people can progress to high paid Executive Assistant jobs. Salaries in this area can be very good and the job content can be challenging and interesting.