Get an Admin Assistant Job with a Souters Admin Diploma

Get an Admin Assistant Job with a Souters Admin Diploma

Justina Barratt came to Souters and opted to take the Administration Diploma, following redundancy. She successfully completed the course and was able to get a new job as an Office Administrator within a couple of weeks of completing her course.

Before taking the Administration Diploma what was your employment situation?

I was unemployed due to a redundancy.

What is your current job, now?

NHS Administrator, I got the job straight after the course.

Why did you decide to take the Admin Diploma at Souters?

After doing a lot of searching around, I decided to go with Souters because they covered the area of training that I was interested in and seemed very knowledgeable and professional.

What courses did you complete at Souters?

Administration Diploma. CLICK for more information about this course.

What did you find enjoyable about the course?

It was an extensive course that developed the skills that I needed to get a job. I was handed all of course material that I needed and I had access to up to date computers. The staff was so helpful. They even offered me their continuous support after completion of the course!

Admin Diploma in London

How do you feel that the course has benefited you?

The course helped me to attain knowledge of the office administration field and gave me confidence to change career.

Following your course were you able to get a job?

Yes, within two weeks of completing the course.

In particular, how has the course benefited your career?

This enabled me to change careers and successfully get a job, as it covers all of the necessary areas for the industry with practical exercises. The course covers my IT skills and this has been a huge advantage in today’s job market.

What do you advise to anyone who is considering taking the course?

You won’t regret it, so just take the course. You will get the results you want.

What are your future aspirations in your career?

I intend to continue to advance my career and whilst taking training and gaining more skills as I go along. Following this course, I have the confidence to get a proper career rather than just working in a job.

Would you consider taking another course to further your career and skill set?

Yes possibly.

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Get an Admin Assistant Job in London