Beginner Office Skills Course


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The Beginner Office Skills Course is delivered online, using interactive software. It aims to build the IT and keyboard skills needed for office jobs. The training covers a range of modules at the beginner level that is fundamental to working in an office environment.

Course Objective

To develop Typing Skills and Microsoft Office Skills. Core skills that are vital to a modern working environment.

Course Structure

  • Microsoft Office Beginner level topics
    • Excel Beginner
    • Word Beginner
    • Office 365 Beginner
    • Microsoft Teams
    • SharePoint Beginner
  • Keyboard skills to develop typing speed and touch typing technique

Beginner Office Skills Course

Entry requirements

This is a beginner course, so there are no entry requirements.


The CPD Standards Institute accredits this course, and certification is issued upon completion.

CPD Course


The course is delivered online so that you can start on any date. You can also study anywhere and at any time. This will enable the training to fit around a busy schedule. You have up to one year to complete the course, but if you study intensively, the training can be completed in a much shorter time frame.

Once training is complete, we give you online access to our reference system for one year after your course start date. This will enable you to refer to the training system if you need to remind yourself of any features.

Suitable for

  • Anyone who is looking for their first job working in an office environment. The training covers the critical skills many companies and recruiters will test before giving you a job.
  • People who are working in an office environment lack these fundamental skills.

Course Outcome

Following successful completion of the course, you receive a CPD Standards Certificate. You can place this recognised qualification and accrediting body on your CV. This will build your CV and enhance your career options.