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Microsoft Certification Mock Exams   

We are a Microsoft Certified Academy which offers Microsoft Certification Exams for Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications through Certiport.

Before sitting a live exam you can purchase  practice exams online here. Practice exams will be assigned to you in a bundle for all Microsoft Office products in each of the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Programs both Core and Expert 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions. You select the version you have on your PC.

 You will have multiple attempts available to you (core and expert), typically four mock exams per single Certiport exam. You must have the relevant version (e.g. 2010) of MS Office on your PC (not suitable for  MAC) . On booking please advise which version of MS Office you have In the comments section.

It can be beneficial to take practice exams before taking the real assessment as pass percentages will definitely be enhanced by using the practice exams.

When you book practice exams we will issue full online instructions and your access code during normal London business hours; you will have access to a broad variety of exams as stated above at both Core and Expert Level for a minimum duration of three months guaranteed. Access to practice exams is fully online, you do not  come to the centre.

You may book your bundle of exams online above on this page.

If you do not need practice then go directly to purchase your Certiport Exams

Read about Elena who took our Practice Exams prior to successfully passing the Certiport Exams by CLICKING HERE

February 2013

"Sorry for getting your name wrong yesterday, I was too excited with getting the code.  I must say, it’s the best £50 I’ve ever spent.  Great service.


(N.B. Souters has subsequently reduced the price of these exams as seen above).