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This course is aimed at legal support staff, official employees with a need to know the subject and students with a keen interest to understand this subject. Family law is concerned with the laws governing family relationships, with the problems that families encounter and the legal solutions to these problems. The emphasis is on current law as it relates to family matters within the social and economic context in which it operates. Since marriage is an important institution affecting the legal provisions relating to the family, this unit examines the law relevant to entering a marriage, and, by implication, the law of nullity, which illustrates many of the policy concerns of marriage law itself. The law of divorce remains a central part of the unit, and attention will be paid to the basic institutional structure of the system by which divorces are granted. Students are provided with the essential materials needed to undertake the unit. Further reading can be recommended.

Course Format

Course is taught in live classroom format. There are some practical exercises included.

Course Content

An introduction to Family Law: The Family Courts; Marriage & Nullity; Engagement; Capacity to marry.

Family & the Law: The Civil Partnership Act 2004; Gender Recognition Act 2004; Legal formalities of a marriage; Domestic Violence & the Law.

Divorce: The ground for divorce and the five facts; Divorce procedure; Divorce settlements and children.

Wills * Estates * Settlements * Taxation planning * Probate:

Introduction to Wills & Probate; Administering the Estate; Introduction to Settlements; Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax; Tax Planning; Family disputes; Probate and Contentious probate.

Essentials of Application & procedure (Practical sessions)

Dates and Duration

2 days intensive course

Suitable for

Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, Other Legal Professionals, non-lawyers or Students looking for overview of the subject.