• Understanding Stress - CPD Accredited

Wellbeing is a major issue in the modern workplace. HR professionals need to engage in the Wellbeing of their workforce. Understanding Stress in your employees is keys. This course is also useful for anyone interested in undertsanding Stress from a personal side.

Is stress management an issue for you?

According to employers in the UK, work-related stress, anxiety and depression have led to the loss of some 12.5 million workdays in 2016/2017. * The benefits of managing stress are clear, and learning to deal with stress can make a real impact on your mental health.

By the end of this course, you will understand the critical aspects regarding stress and realise the destructive impact stress can have on anyone, including the people in their lives.

If you want to learn more about stress, whether for your own, personal reasons, or because you desire to help and support people suffering from stress, this course is ideal for you.

Have you considered stress management training?

This course is broken down into clear, easy to understand sections.

Stress Management Course

Definition – what is stress?

You will learn exactly what stress is, what leads to stress, the impacts of stress, the external and internal demands stress places on people, and how such demands can be managed.

Causes of stress

You will learn what the primary causes of stress are in greater detail, at home and at work, and that stress can arise from an overall sense of helplessness.

The impacts of stress

You will understand the deleterious, physical effects stress can have on the body, how the body responds to stress, and the potential secondary impacts on general health.

Internal and external demands that lead to stress

Here you will learn, in greater detail, about the internal and external demands in daily life that can trigger stress and increase stress levels.

Stress management and support

You will learn the steps people can take to scale down the severe and oppressive demands we face in life that can result in stress.

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn from your own home, at your own pace
  • Gain awareness of an interesting area of mental health and employee wellbeing
  • CPD Accredited - Certification available on completion of the course

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Understanding Stress - CPD Accredited

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