Executive PA Advanced Course – Communicating and Negotiating


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An intense one day course specifically aimed at individual ability to communicate effectively and thereby negotiate with confidence. Negotiation can be used as a routine tool. This is a new course format developed exclusively by Souters and drawn from years of experience training in this vocational area.


To provide an interactive but relaxed environment to enable you to master the skills supporting effective communication and negotiation thereby enhancing your ability to use influence.

Course Format

A relaxed environment with no preconceptions about anything; be yourself and enjoy the positive interaction with a highly experienced facilitator and other delegates of similar backgrounds. One day 10:30 to 16:30, lunch over 45 minutes provided in-house. This course is based on common sense ideas and the practical application thereof.

Course Content

  • Effective communication- communicate to get the result you intend
  • Persuasive communication- communicate to become influential; you do not have to be the boss to be influential
  • Use your communication skills to get results with external contacts, especially clients
  • Overcome those difficult situations
  • Use questions to your advantage
  • Improve colleague relationships
  • Learn how to explain concepts and processes, even difficult ones, in a way others can readily understand
  • Be confident at meetings
  • Listen actively and effectively
  • Learn the skills which support successful negotiation and apply this in your daily routine with both internal and external contacts
  • Become an opinion originator and builder to increase your influence

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Dates and Duration

One day course 10:30 to 16:30. 

Please refer to the schedule for start dates.

Is it for me?

Do you find that people do not always do what you want them to? In a bargaining situation do others sometimes get the advantage of you? Would you like to be more confident in meetings and be regarded as an opinion former who can get your ideas into action? Do others seem to communicate better than you?

If you recognise these questions as issues which you would like to resolve then join this course.