Intermediate Level Access Course


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The ability to input and manage database systems is key to many jobs. Microsoft Access is the most common database system and knowledge of this program is required in a wide range of industry.

This course will enable students to gain CPD Accreditation in Proficient (Intermediate) Level Access, upon successful completion.

Intermediate Microsoft Access Course

The course is available online or you can come into our Microsoft Certified Academy in London, to complete the training.

Access Course Objective

To give students Proficient (Intermediate) Access Skills and enable them to confidently build their careers using these new skills.

Course Content

Objects and their datasheets
  • Managing objects
  • Formatting/reorganising a datasheet
  • Filtering records by the value in a field
  • Filtering by a range of field values
  • Inserting a Total row into a datasheet
Database creation and protection
  • Creating a database
  • Converting a database
  • Protecting a database
More Advanced Database Management
  • Creating a table
  • Primary key
  • Importing data from another application
  • Exporting data
  • Creating a form
  • Object dependencies
  • Selecting the records to print in a report
From question to query
  • Creating a Select query
  • Using the query design grid
  • Setting a selection criterion in a query
  • Setting criteria on multiple fields
  • Setting multiple criteria on the same field
  • Sorting the records in a query
  • Delete query
  • Make Table query
  • Update query

Course Format

The course is delivered using a virtual tutor on a live server. This is a state of the art learning system. The virtual tutor will instruct you and correct your exercises. This standard of interactive learning will enable you to gain from interactive learning. This is available to you on a flexible basis, either online at home or you can take the training in our centre. You can also contact our live tutor at our centre in London for any doubts.

Entry Requirements

You must have a beginner knowledge of Access, you can see details of our Beginner Course and our Access Training Course at the bottom of the page. The Access training course combines the Beginner and Proficient for a discounted price, compared to purchasing separately.

Dates and Duration

Training can commence on any date. The course has up to 3 months to complete. The majority complete the course far before 3 months. You can complete the course on flexi-time, online or at our centre*. The assessment at the end can be done online or at our centre.

Benefits of the Course

  • Training from a Microsoft Certified Academy, to ensure quality
  • Virtual tutor on a live server enables interactive learning and guidance throughout the training program
  • Possibility to continue to study Proficient (intermediate) level
  • CPD Certification in Microsoft Access to build your CV
  • Qualification is certified and can build your career
  • Flexibility to train as intensely or otherwise as you prefer
  • Access to our live tutors, if required, at our centre
  • Available at our Certified Training Centre with trainers to support you or at home


CPD Certificate in Microsoft Access on successful completion at Beginner Level.

Access Training Course