Word Courses

Souters offer a variety of Word Courses. We can deliver online training, classroom based courses in London, bespoke training courses, private tuition and corporate training.

All of our trainers are highly experienced as Word Trainers having also extensive work experience using Word.

Word Courses Online

Souters is based in Central London and we offer classroom courses, corporate and bespoke courses in Microsoft Word.

Corporate Word Training Courses

Our online Word Courses are delivered by a Virtual Tutor that uses a live server. This is a state of the art training system, which enables the Virtual Tutor to follow your action in the exercises and correct you. This is similar to having your own personalised Word tutor at your disposal. This course is CPD Accredited.

  • We offer Beginner to Proficient Levels.
  • We also have Advanced Levels.

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    Job Specific Word Training Programmes

    We offer specialised course for Project Management, Event Management, Human Resources, PAs, VAs and Administration staff. All of our specialised modules are CPD Accredited.

    Classroom Word Courses London

    We offer CPD Accredited Classroom Word Courses at our Microsoft Academy in London. This enables delegates to gain training from our experienced Word trainers. The courses delivered are at Beginner or Proficient or Advanced Level.

    Bespoke Word Courses

    Our Bespoke or Tailored Word Courses are very popular with private individuals and corporates. This enables students to tailor their Word training to meet their training or work needs. For example, many companies have asked to make the course relevant to their exact needs. All written Bespoke Training Programmes will be CPD Accredited, by the time of delivery.