COVID-19 Update: Virtual Classroom Training Courses

COVID-19 Update: Virtual Classroom Training Courses

Virtual Classroom Training Courses

Over the past year, Europe has seen a dramatic rise in the outbreak of the COVID-19. Souters is offering Virtual Classroom Training Courses. This has led to companies sending their employees home, some are in isolation and some are working remotely from their homes.  This has also caused many people who are working from home to be looking to take part in training courses to use slack time effectively.

Virtual Classroom Training Courses

Souters has been delivering training courses in Virtual Classrooms to corporations across the world. Our trainers have excellent feedback and experience from learners who have elected to take virtual classroom training.

How is virtual training different to online training?

With online training courses, you have to either read text, answer set questions or watch pre-recorded videos. This method of training is popular, but it lacks interactivity and discussion.

With Virtual Training, we set up a Virtual Classroom that enables a live tutor to speak to you completely interactively. You can see and hear them and you can see and hear your fellow students. Additionally, there is a virtual whiteboard, chat boxes and audio-visual learning aids to enhance the learning experience. Our senior trainers have delivered this format of training across the World; here are some of the comments from students.

Testimonials for Virtual Training:

“The course was interactive. Lots of opportunities to ask questions” – W Slooterman, based in the Netherlands

“Going through real case studies in the training and active interaction between the trainer and the attendees were the most enjoyable parts of the training course. He had great presentation skills and ability to make everyone comfortable and to participate in the discussion” – G Braga, Senior Manager

“I like the trainer a great deal, I think he is an excellent trainer. Wish I had had him at uni. I might have attended a few more lectures” – P Buchan, Oracle

These are just a few of the countless testimonials that we have from our Virtual Training.

Benefits of Virtual Classroom Courses

  • Gain from the expertise and discussion with your live trainer in the virtual classroom environment
  • Gain the interaction and direction, normally only enjoyed in live classroom environments
  • Avoid the potential issues with the classroom environment in London, Amsterdam and Manchester
  • Gain accredited professional qualification and the same qualification as the classroom version of the course
  • Take part in training from anywhere in the world and avoid travel costs

What Virtual Classroom Training Courses are available?

  • PA Course
  • PA Diploma
  • Executive PA Course
  • Executive PA Diploma
  • Office Manager Course
  • Office Manager Diploma
  • Administration Course
  • Administration Diploma
  • Introduction to Human Resources
  • Finance for non-Finance Courses
  • Bookkeeping Course
  • Finance Diploma
  • Bookkeeping Diploma

CPD Accreditation

All of the courses are accredited by the CPD Standards. This means that the courses will bring certification and professional qualifications.

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