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Online Typing Course Objective

To gain the methodology required to touch type.

To build typing speed and accuracy

To provide CPD Accredited Certification of the skill achieved for potential employers.

Course Format

Our Touch Typing Course is very flexible and it is delivered online on a flexi-learning basis. It can fit around a wide range of schedules and requirements. It is taken on an interactive and practical online system. This means that it can be taken at any location that has broadband internet.

Course Content

The course contains 14 lessons in the methodologies for touch typing. The lessons are highly interactive and they have numerous exercises. This is the core part of the course and it focuses on how best to learn the methods required to touch type.

You will also have several advanced lessons in speed building, accuracy building and special keys.

Additional Info

Students who have laptops can purchase a standard plugin keyboard. This is better for achieving optimal results on a laptop, as the keyboards are often small. PC or Mac users with standard keyboard should not have any issue with their keyboard size.

Dates and Duration

You will have up to 12months to complete the lessons and build your typing speed to sit a test and receive CPD Certification.

Suitable for

This course is suitable for all levels of ability from beginners to experienced professionals who are looking to refresh or improve their skills.

Course Requirements

There are no pre-requisites as the course can handle beginners through to experienced typists.

Benefits and Outcome

  • You can opt to come to the training centre if you prefer, rather than studying at home
  • The course is flexible and enables you to practice and study at your own pace
  • CPD Certification will build you CV
  • Greater job options with a certified typing speed
  • Fast and accurate typing speed.
  • The course will teach step by step how to touch type quickly and accurately
  • Continued access to the programme of one year allows you to continue to build the speed and accuracy.
  • We will provide CPD Certification of your Typing Speed
  • Our CPD Accredited Touch Typing Course provides the learner 100 CPD Points