Touch Typing Course – Tutor Class


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This is a one day workshop to teach the basic techniques in touch typing and get you started with confidence. This is taught by a live tutor in a classroom environment, which methodology of teaching is preferred by many, who seek the guidance of an experienced typist. Typing quickly, efficiently, comfortably and accurately can be achieved through learning the touch typing skill.

Course Objective

To provide a foundation in touch typing and ongoing speed development through practice.

Dates and Duration

The course runs for one day from 10:30 to 4:30. Please contact our centre for dates.

Following the course you will receive access codes for our online training system, so that you can continue to practice your typing and build your speed going forward. This additional time  is necessary because it takes time and practice to build both speed and accuracy. You will have the online training for at least three months following the completion of the course.

Course Format

The course is taught by an experienced Secretary and tutor who will take you through the methodology of learning how to touch type and using your home keys.


Following the course and the period of practice for which we allow up to three months, you can come in to certify your speed. Our certification can then be used to support job applications.