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Toles Legal English Course in London

TOLES Legal English Courses are highly regarded by the Law Society and large legal and commercial organisations.

Our college also provide English for Business Tuition which can be taken in conjunction with our TOLES tuition to improve our student's English, outside of the Legal Industry. Click here Business English Course.

Legal English Training Overview

This involves a comprehensive 1 week training course with a Legal Trainer at our centre in London. We do offer bespoke Legal English training courses at your venue, if requested.

The course can be delivered to the TOLES Foundation, Higher or Advanced Level, depending on your needs.

Legal English Course Format

Tutor led sessions with a qualified lawyer based around the related TOLES Legal English manuals as a preparation for the selected level of exam.

Course Content

  • The Legal Profession
  • The Language of Banking
  • The Language of Contract Law
  • The Language of Employment Law
  • The Language of the Law of Tort
  • Understanding Contracts
  • The Language of Business Law
  • Modern Letter Writing
  • The Language of Company Law
  • Understanding Contracts



  • Level 1 legal English exam.
  • Suitable for beginner level.
  • Focus on basic grammar and vocabulary.
  • Encourages commercial awareness.


  • Level 2 legal English exam.
  • Suitable for intermediate level.
  • Focus on intermediate grammar and vocabulary.
  • A realistic introduction to work.


  • Level 3 legal English exam.
  • Suitable for advanced level
  • Focus on near-native level grammar and vocabulary
  • The gold standard exam for commercial lawyers

Dates and Duration

The Souters' Toles Legal English course is conveniently offered over one week full time per level,  systematically covering all required coursework; the tutor will be an experienced and qualified Legal English and law trainer.

Suitable for

Legal practitioners and students from non- English speaking backgrounds, who need to Legal English or lawyers looking convert to practice Law in the UK.

Course Requirements

Foundation level in English. If in doubt contact us on +44 (0) 207 248 8987.


  • Students stand a far greater chance of obtaining success as a result of this Legal English tuition.
  • Souters has the unusual advantage of being established both in english language and law training, thereby offering value in both areas.
  • Many providers of Legal English training are general english language colleges. Our tutors are really qualified and they can discuss legal questions,where possible.


Greater use of Legal English and confidence. Successful completion of the exam will result in TOLES certification.

Greater understanding of legal areas covered.

Legal English Examinations

If you do not require TOLES tuition and just require exams, we can provide: TOLES Advanced Level, TOLES Higher Level and TOLES Foundation Level.