Speed Writing Course


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This Speed Writing Course seeks to enable you to learn the skill of Speed Writing, which increases the amount of information captured in your notes. Unlike shorthand, which takes a fair time to learn and adapt, this method can be learnt quickly. The course teaches you how to train your brain to quickly and accurately absorb and record information.

Speed Writing Course in Virtual Classroom

This course is delivered over one day by an experienced and qualified tutor from 10:30 am until 4:30 pm in a virtual classroom.

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Course Format

The course is delivered in an interactive and practical one-day workshop in a virtual classroom. You will be given instructions on how to apply the Speed Writing methodology. Numerous practical exercises complement this to ensure that the learning and practical abilities are solidified.

Speed Writing Benefits

  • The CPD accredits the course, so completion of the course will lead to CPD Certification.
  • The skills gained are valuable to many careers and can be learnt much faster than other methods such as shorthand.
  • It will make you more efficient and confident in doing routine work tasks, including recording minutes at meetings and much more.
  • The certification will build your CV.
  • Many students opt to complement these skills with our Minute Taking Courses.

Who should take this Speed Writing Course?

  • Anyone who requires to record a lot of information in a short time
  • Administration Staff
  • Secretaries
  • PAs
  • Minute takers
  • Students
  • Legal Support Staff
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Paralegals
  • Office Managers
  • Admin Assistants

What is Speed Writing?

Speed Writing is a technique of quick writing and can be used in many working environments.  Anyone with a job where they are taking notes a lot could find Speed Writing useful. Speed Writing was developed many years ago and is not a new technique. The method is not as fast as shorthand, but it can be learnt within a day’s training and shorthand is much harder to learn. Modern note-takers increasingly opt for Speed Writing and shorthand has become less common. This is mainly due to the system being far simpler and easier to learn.


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