Speed Writing Course

Speed Writing Course in Virtual Classroom

Souters have developed a CPD Accredited Speed Writing Course that is being held in a Virtual Classroom. The course is delivered by an experienced trainer, who has developed her own technique for speed writing. This method of speed writing has been very effective for Administration staff, Secretaries, PAs, Legal Secretaries, Legal Support Staff and Minute Takers.

The course is highly interactive and practical and it is aimed at providing the knowledge and skills required in order to record notes or information quickly and accurately using speed writing techniques.

Speed Writing Courses

All participants will gain a CPD Certification got successfully completing the course.

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    Minute Taking Course

    Our Minute Taking Course is delivered by an experienced Minute Taker. The course focuses on the best techniques and tips that can ensure that you deliver accurate and quality minutes after your meetings.

    The course includes extensive practical exercises to test and perfect your new skills. Participants gain from the intense workshop to be able to deliver minutes at a high standard.

    Successful completion will result in CPD Certification in Minute Taking.

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    Business Writing Course

    Souters offers a one-day Business Writing Course which is a highly practical course. It focuses on all types of written business communication. Emails, formal business letters, memos and more are covered in this one-day workshop.

    The training is interactive and practical and has been very effective in ensuring that people are able to deliver high-quality business communication

    This is a CPD Accredited Course with Certification delivered on successful completion of the course.

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    Souters also offer CPD Accredited Business English, Report Writing and English Courses that are tailored to specific needs. If you are interested in any of these courses, please see below