School Leavers Bookkeeping Diploma


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To provide a thorough understanding of the basic principles of manual book-keeping, computerised bookkeeping and microsoft office products. This mix of skills is fundamental to being able to function in an accounts department.

Course Format

Tutor led two day course that ends with an assessment. You can opt to take the assessment at a later date or not to take the assessment, if preferred.

This is highly practical and work simulated to ensure that the learner gains the most from the course.

The Sage Line 50 training and Microsoft Excel Training are to be taken after the course online. However, you can opt to take these parts of the course at our centre.

Course Content

Invoicing and Basic Bookkeeping entries

  • The completion of financial documents such as invoices and credit notes
  • The recording of cash and credit transactions
  • Practical explanation of double entry system
  • Posting of ledgers and relevance of T accounts
  • The preparing  and balancing of a bank reconciliation
  • Petty Cash

Introduction to Accounting

  • Year end adjustments including accruals, depreciation, pre-payments etc.
  • Journals.

Trial Balances and Financial Statements

  • Preparing a trial balance from raw data
  • Extended trial balances and year end adjustments.
  • The creation of straightforward Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports from trial balance.

Microsoft Excel Training Course

For full details of this course CLICK HERE

SAGE Line 50 Course

For full details of this course CLICK HERE

Additional Info

The course teaches the fundaments of bookkeeping by explaining the underlying principles. The course will explain how this knowledge is applied when performing computerised bookkeeping and offers a supplement in computerised book-keeping as an option. This enables people working in accounts to understand their job rather than merely 'follow procedures', which can help them progress and, indeed, excel over time.

Dates and Duration

Two day course 10:30 to 16:30 with an exam to be completed at a near later date after revision and practice. Online Sage Training to be completed in your own time. Microsoft Excel Training to be completed on a flexi-hours basis, however, the assessment must be completed within 3 months of starting the course.

Please refer to the schedule for start dates.

Suitable for

A variety of students including school leavers, office staff and business people generally.

Course Requirements

A good basic education including maths; common sense and a willingness to learn.


An understanding of the underlying building blocks of finance; ability to apply for entry level financial jobs and pursue further training at higher level in Finance.


Certification after successful completion.

City & Guilds Accreditation | QCF Qualification

QCF training and accreditation available as a supplement to this course.