Microsoft Office Diploma for a Project Manager


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This Diploma enables Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Project Assistants, PMOs, Project Administrators and other Projects professionals to gain knowledge and skills to confidently use Microsoft Office programs in their careers.

Microsoft Office Diploma for an Project Manager Content

This Microsoft Office Diploma contains three modules. You have the opportunity to chose the three Microsoft Office programs that you would prefer. All of the modules are CPD Standards Accredited. Souters is a Certified Microsoft Academy, which means that we have to maintain all training programs to meet their standards. The Microsoft Diploma includes at two levels of training. You can opt to take Beginner and Proficient or Proficient and Advanced Level. You are certificated to the highest level that you complete the Diploma.

Anyone who requires to take Beginner, Proficient and Advanced can purchase the additional for a discounted price of £50.

You choose three of the following modules:

We recommend that Project Management Professionals take PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

Dates and Duration

The course takes 3 months to complete. However, many people complete the Diploma must faster when they dedicated more intense study to the Diploma.

The course can be taken online, at home, or you are welcome to come into our London Training Centre.

The Diploma is certificated through completion of final assessments, remotely or at our our centre, if you fail to complete the assessments within 3 months you will need to pay an admin fee for a Diploma extension.

Method of Training

The course is delivered using a virtual tutor on a live server. This is a state of the art learning system. The virtual tutor will instruct you and correct your exercises. This standard of interactive learning will enable you to gain from interactive learning. This is available to you on a flexible basis, either online at home or you can take the training in our centre. You can also contact our live tutor at our centre in London for any doubts.

Benefits of taking the Microsoft Office Diploma for a PA

  • Training written by senior Microsoft Trainers from a Microsoft Certified Academy, so the content has been certified to the highest standards
  • Interactive training from a live server with Virtual Tutor enables learner to receive instruction, as if they have a personal tutor
  • CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Diploma for a Project Manager with a CPD Standards Institute Microsoft Office Diploma issued on successful completion
  • The training is highly practical with numerous exercises to ensure that you remember these details
  • Professional accredited qualification will build your CV


CPD Standards Institute Microsoft Office Diploma for a Project Manager

Microsoft Office for a PA

Microsoft Office Diploma