PowerPoint Training Course Beginner to Intermediate – CPD Accredited


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Microsoft PowerPoint is a vital skill in the modern work environment. The recent versions of PowerPoint have become more advanced and there is greater opportunity to build your job skills. Increasingly, the work environment requires a broad range of professionals to deliver engaging and interactive PowerPoint slides.

PowerPoint Training Course Objective

To enable students to gain proficient level skills in PowerPoint and develop the capabilities to deliver professional presentations. Our training centre is a Microsoft Office Academy and this ensures that we deliver all training to the highest level. The PowerPoint Training Course is also a CPD Accredited course, so CPD Certification is issued to staff on completion of the training.

Course Format

The course is delivered using a virtual tutor on a live server. This is a state of the art learning system. The virtual tutor will instruct you and correct your exercises. This standard of interactive learning will enable you to gain from interactive learning. This is available to you on a flexible basis online and interactively.

Course Content

Beginner Level

  • Getting started
  • Overview of the working environment
  • Edit/View/Zoom/Create/move/copy slides
  • Input/select/edit text
  • Undo/redo an action
  • Making use of the Notes page
  • Overview of Beginner level functions to work effectively
  • Play the slide show
  • Printing and editing the layout
  • Create new presentation
  • Themes and layouts
  • Character format/font/case/size/spacing
  • Present and format
  • Number/indent paragraph
  • Copy formats

Proficient Level

  • Manage/move text in an outline
  • Create a presentation from PowerPoint
  • Grid and guides
  • Draw shapes and copy/duplicate/resize/format/edit objects
  • Rotate/apply effects to objects
  • Align/distribute/group/ungroup objects
  • Change the objects’ stacking order
  • Create a text box/PowerPoint Art object
  • Format text object/text effects
  • Format/manage/insert/save pictures
  • Create/style/insert/edit/format a table
  • Manage table’s rows/columns/cells
  • Insert/manage/format a diagram
  • Slide background
  • Customise a theme
  • Manage layouts/placeholders
  • Format/use slide masters
  • The Notes Master
  • The Handout Master

Dates and Duration

The course lasts for three months, but can be completed earlier. It can be taken online from anywhere.

Course Requirements

No set requirement. The course starts from Beginner Level.

Course Benefits

  • Training is written by senior Microsoft Trainers from a Microsoft Certified Academy, so the content has been certified to the highest
  • Interactive training from a live server with Virtual Tutor enables learners to receive instruction as if they have a personal tutor
  • CPD Accredited PowerPoint Course with a CPD Certificate of PowerPoint Proficiency issued on successful completion
  • The training is highly practical with numerous exercises to ensure that you remember these details
  • Gain a professionally accredited qualification will build your CV