Online Courses

Souters has a range of Accredited Online Courses. All of our Online Training Courses have been Certified by the CPD Standards Institute, which is a professional body that accredits high quality training programs for Professionals.

Accredited Online Courses

Souters is a Certified Microsoft Academy which enables us to deliver Accredited Training in all of our Microsoft Office Training Courses. Our Online Microsoft Office Training system is a state of the art training system. It has a Virtual tutor that is able to instruct you during the program and correct your errors. In many ways, this is better than classroom training, as it enables you to move through the course at your own pace, rather than being held up or rushed through by class mates.

We also offer a range of online keyboard skills and business skills courses. All of these are accredited by the CPD Institute.

All of our Online Training Courses have the option for CPD Certification at the end of successful completion of the courses. This means that you can enhance your CV with a recognised qualification, whilst studying from home on a flexible hours basis.

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