Office Manager Diploma


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Our Office Manager Diploma aims to enable the participants to gain a wide range of skills required by an office manager in a modern working environment. For the participant to develop confidence in their capability to deliver effectively in their roles.

The Diploma comprises a three-day virtual classroom course delivered by experienced live tutors online. The Microsoft Office Diploma complements this for Office Managers. This can be taken over three months and provides a full range of modern IT skills for office professionals. The Microsoft training is taken on flexi-hours online.

Office Manager Diploma

Course Content

Module 1 – Office Manager Course

The key functions of an Office Manager

  • Understand why your role is important.
  • Key duties and skills
  • What is an Office Manager?  The role is defined.

Knowledge of related functional areas

  • HR (Human Resources) functions and activities- induction process
  • Project management and planning – an overview.
  • Health and Safety for Office Managers
  • Facilities and premises management
  • Budgeting and Finance

Setting objectives

  • Why are objectives important?
  • How to set objectives for your team
  • How to  coordinate with higher-level  objectives


  • Learn the finer points of why effective communication is so essential; become an effective communicator and leader.
  • Learn the importance of assertiveness in performing your role
  • Assertive versus Passive behaviour

Confidence building – get your own “can do” mindset!

  • How to build your self-confidence and become a more effective performer and leader
  • Lead through example
  • Learn how to spread this confidence to the wider team

Business acumen

  • Negotiate effectively
  • Get the most out of your budget
  • Decision-making techniques
  • Problem-solving
  • Developing and recording new office procedures for streamlining and efficiency

Handling difficulty

  • Manage stress in yourself and the team
  • Effective conflict management

Leadership – Be a great team leader; discover how your team can reward you.

  • Delegation and supervision
  • Team working and leadership
  • Motivation- how to  find the magic touch
  • Importance and application  of objectives in the team and group dynamics
  • Working well with colleagues
  • Coaching as a tool

Managing time – get your priorities right and stay on top of your role.

  • Time management
  • Prioritisation
  • Organising the team

The importance of the client

  • Why are customers so important
  • How to keep this  in focus
  • Complaint handling

Your future career

  • Career Development Plan

Module 2 – Microsoft Office Diploma for an Office Manager

Read the entire contents of this module by CLICKING HERE.

If you do not require the IT segment of the Diploma, please try the Office Manager Course alone.

Dates and Duration

The three-day course lives virtual tutor-led classes, plus up to three months of additional flexi-time for Microsoft Office Diploma and assessments.

You can opt to start with the Office Manager Course on a fixed start date, or you can start on a flexible start with the Microsoft Office Diploma. Start dates can be seen at the top of the page.

Suitable for

There are no defined entry criteria, as the course is suitable for various backgrounds. Participants vary from administration staff looking to develop their careers or existing office managers looking to enhance on-the-job performance. Career changers and people from other fields looking to upskill will find the course invaluable.


  • Job readiness
  • Increase in confidence
  • Expand skillset
  • CPD accreditation

CPD Certification on successful completion

The CPD qualification (Continuing Professional Development) is a form of accredited training required by many professional bodies such as solicitors, barristers, accountants and many more.

Not only are CPD Courses well respected and known across the globe, but they are also often required for certain industries. A CPD-accredited course on your CV will benefit your job prospects greatly.

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25 September 2023, 29 November 2023, Flexi start date