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‘Excellent course, excellent tutor, highly recommended’

A few from earlier courses: “This has been an excellent course which has enabled me to deconstruct my understanding of my behaviour and its impact on others. The coach was outstanding in his level of knowledge and quality of delivery. I have been able to address issues that I have deliberately avoided in the past.” Carole Bird.

“Martin really listened to us and adapted the days accordingly. He was engaging and very knowledgeable on the subject. Thank you it has been very useful.”This is a highly experiential and applied format. This draws on advanced techniques and knowledge from business, Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence and coaching.
Course Content
– Achieving goals: Learn the ‘Well Formed Outcome’ process for setting goals, so that you achieve objectives more consistently and easily

– Develop a systemic approach to planning, so that you understand the wider consequences of your actions and avoid the pitfalls

– Become solution focused; Achieve more results from less effort

– Developing yourself and the people you manage: Know how to get people on your side; Understand what drives people to behave like they do

– Learn a coaching  approach to managing others and how to get the best from them

– Find out how to really motivate people, including yourself; Learn tools to avoid conflict at work

– Communicating and influencing: Learn how you can increase the effectiveness of your communications by 100%+ Increase your rapport building skills to enhance    relationships and understanding; Develop feedback loops to measure your effectiveness and adapt your style; Understand how we distort, delete and generalise when communicating and how to use precision language to overcome this;

– Avoid misunderstandings and communicate clearly. Confidence and well being at work: Enjoy more confidence; Know how to positively manage your emotional state; Understand the part that your belief system plays in influencing what you do, say and achieve and how to use this knowledge to achieve more; Reduce stress at work; Use a modelling technique to learn how to tackle challenging situations more easily.

– One to one coaching call: The one to one personal coaching call, 4 weeks after the workshop, will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your experience in the course, discuss and resolve challenges and set next actions in your own personal development programme.

Dates and Duration
Workshop: 3 days. 09:30 to 17:00 days 1 & 2, 09:30 to 16:00 Day 3. Personalised, 1-1, coaching call with your tutor for 50 mins – 1 month after course.30 days post workshop support by email. Reading list with book provided.

Suitable for

Middle Managers and Junior Management to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.
Ambitious and experienced administrators, Executive PA’s and senior support staff.

Course Requirements

No specific requirements, as the course can be useful to a wide range of backgrounds and job titles.


Take your personal performance to a higher level with results; Advance your career; Improve working relationships and manage others successfully; Get more job satisfaction; Increase confidence to tackle new and challenging situations; Reduce stress at work; Understand how to play to your strengths more of the time; And much more…


Greater sense of confidence and ability to utilise working relationship.