Minute Taking Courses

Souters is a specialist in providing Minute Taking Courses in Virtual Classrooms. All of our training is delivered by an experienced Minute Taking trainer. The courses are highly practical and can be taken as a part of longer-term Diplomas if desired, or in a standalone one-day training course. All of the training is CPD Accredited.

Minute Taking Courses in a Virtual Classroom

The courses aim to give the delegates the skills and capabilities to prepare for meetings, record the main points accurately and efficiently and ultimately deliver high-quality minutes. To see the full details of the course content, please see the course listing below. At present, the course is only delivered in a Virtual Classroom.

Corporate Training

However, minute taking training can also be available on a bespoke basis, which enables companies to order Minute Taking Courses at their venue. For details of this type of bespoke or in-house training, don’t hesitate to contact our office at admin@souterstraining.com or 020 7248 8987.

Longer-Term Courses and Diplomas

These courses are often bought as addons to our PA Diplomas, Secretary Diplomas, and Administration Courses, and it is included in the course fees of the Executive Assistant Diploma. If you are interested in longer-term programmes, don’t hesitate to contact our offices for further details.

People taking Minutes for formal meetings, recurring meetings, board meetings, project meetings and many other types of events/meetings have attended these courses to improve their minute taking abilities.

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          Benefits of the Minute Taking Courses

          • A strong understanding of the minute taker’s role
          • CPD Accredited Certificate on completion of the course
          • Professional qualification
          • Create accurate, brief and precise minutes
          • Understanding the essential dynamics between the minute taker and the chair.
          • Listening techniques to enhance concentration
          • Understand how to prepare for a meeting
          • How to write high-quality minutes
          • Minute Taking templates and reports

          Who writes meeting minutes?

          This is a standard function for PA jobs, Company Secretaries, Executive Assistants and a  wide range of administrative professionals. However, we do come across management taking minutes, project managers and a wide range of other professions. Minute takers usually take notes during the meeting before typing them up afterwards. They should then forward the document to the attendees of the meeting. At the next meeting, the attendees will either approve the minutes or ask the minute taker to correct them before approving them.

          Minute taking is a hugely important undertaking and a key administrative role. It is essential to be accurate and seek clarification on any points that do not seem to make sense to ensure that the record is correct. With legal requirements to uphold, as well as helping to inform anyone in the future seeking clarification on the reasons behind decisions, you cannot cut corners when taking minutes. This is where board meeting software is so helpful, allowing members to spot errors quickly and have them corrected with minimal fuss.

          Effective communication is the key to success. Effective communication at meetings is essential as attendees will need confirmation of any points discussed being taken into action after a meeting. Research shows that how attendees communicate in a meeting is central to their success.

          It is proven that invitees will attend meetings when they know why the meeting is being called and that the meeting organizers will not deviate from the defined purpose.

          Ideally, meetings should be scheduled at a time and place convenient for the attendees. Minute taking is a skill that is an essential element of many roles. At meetings, it is vital to complete the task accurately and quickly. It is also a legal requirement for board meetings in most countries.