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Microsoft Word is fundamental to job roles in just about every profession and yet most people have a fairly basic idea of how to get around the programme. The ability to write and create well formatted documents with ease makes Word the primary word processing programme for most employers who will require top quality skills in this product as a matter of course.

Souters is a Microsoft Certified Academy. Our Microsoft Office training uses the very latest technology in interactive training. The training is fully accredited by the CPD Standards Institute. CPD Accredited Certificates are issued upon successful completion.


To gain  Proficient Word User Skills.

Course Format

The course is offered online and it is a two unit course for Beginner and Proficient levels.

Course Content

  • Create a Table
  • Do more with tables
  • Add Illustrations
  • Margins
  • Headers and footers
  • Formatting the document
  • Page breaks
  • Sections
  • Views and Windows
  • Managing a long document
  • Improve the presentation of the document in Word
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Shortcuts

The Microsoft Word Training is delivered by a Virtual Tutor on a live server. This is a state of the art system that we hold as a Microsoft Certified Academy. The Virtual tutor will verbally instruct you on each lesson and then provide demonstration. You will also have many exercises that are monitored and corrected by the Virtual tutor. It is like having a personal IT tutor available at any time. You can opt to take the online training in our centre, so that you can get the assistance of our IT tutors, if required, or you can study from home in your own time. The training is totally interactive and you receive the guidance from your virtual tutor, as if you had a personal tutor.

Dates and Duration

You may  study from home via Broadband link ; in this case the training is available for three months during which time you will need to  to take your assessment to obtain a CPD Accredited Microsoft Word certificate (entirely optional but included in the price). You have access to the software for one year.

Start dates are flexible. You can start on any date.

Course Requirements

The Course can start from beginner level, so there are no special entry requirements.


  • Training written by experts in the field
  • User friendly and work simulated exercises to enable you to use the learning more effectively at work
  • CPD Accredited Training
  • CPD Certification issued on successful completion
  • Professional qualification is gained to build your CV and job options
  • MOS Certiport focused training is available, if preferred
  • Flexible training schedule

Microsoft Word Training

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