Microsoft Office Diplomas

Souters Training offers a range of CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Diplomas. These Accredited Diplomas offer a wide range of training to suit the majority of job types and also, all levels of learning. The training can be delivered online, classroom or in bespoke corporate courses.

Online Microsoft Office Diplomas

Our Online Microsoft Diplomas use a state of the art system. A live server online system delivers interactive learning that simulates having your own personalised training. The Virtual Tutor will instruct, monitor your exercises and correct any mistakes immediately. This enables course participants to gain immensely from this personal attention plus the high-quality tuition, but also to have the flexible training schedule that online training permits.

You can purchase our Diploma training for:

  • Microsoft Office Diploma, which goes to Proficient Level.
  • Advanced Microsoft Office Diploma, which goes to Advanced Level.

For those of you who prefer to focus only on one program, please see the other Diplomas being offered:

  • Microsoft Excel Diploma
  • Microsoft Word Diploma
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Diploma
  • Microsoft Outlook Diploma
  • Microsoft Access Diploma

You can find out more about our Microsoft Office Courses here. This will detail less extensive and more focused training than the Diplomas.

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    CPD Accredited Microsoft Office Diploma

    Our online programmes are all accredited by the CPD Standards Institute and Certificates or diplomas are issued on successful completion. This can greatly improve your employability and build the much-needed skills on your CV.

    Career-focused Microsoft Office Courses

    We have a range of career-specific Diplomas that focus on the development of the required skills needed by certain careers. Souters offer online Microsoft Office Diplomas for Sales, Administrators, HR, Project Management, PAs, Office Managers, Finance and the list is growing. This online training is via an interactive live server and a Virtual Tutor. We also offer Virtual Classroom training which is popular for looking to receive training from a live tutor from the comfort of their home/office. For those who prefer a face-to-face tuition environment, we also offer tuition in a classroom, bespoke or corporate training basis.

    These specialist training programmes cover the core areas of Microsoft Office and advanced functions that are essential to the success of your career. Please feel free to contact us if you would prefer to take this course in either a classroom or bespoke program.