Microsoft Office Courses for Sales and Marketing

Souters has developed a selection of Microsoft Office Courses for Sales and Marketing professionals. The courses are now available online and can be taken on a flexible basis. They have been built by Souters Training, a prominent Microsoft Certified Academy in London.

Souters experienced Sales, Marketing and Microsoft Office tutors have developed an industry-focused syllabus that focuses on the requirements for Sales and Marketing. Souters offers a range of course syllabus in PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel. Word, Access and Microsoft Outlook training for Sales and Marketing.

Microsoft Office Courses for Sales and Marketing

The online courses are delivered on a live server with a virtual tutor. This provides instructions, lessons and exercises. The virtual tutor can even follow your actions on the screen and make corrections and advise you on how to improve. CPD Certificates are issued for successful completion from the CPD Standards Institute.

CPD Certification in these core skills for any Sales and Marketing role will greatly improve the qualification on your CV and job options, as employers will be able to see that you possess strong technical capabilities in the office, to manage financial data and deliver better quality visual presentations.

We do offer courses by a live tutor and we can arrange classes to be delivered in private or group classes. Many private individuals and corporates have opted for this option. For more information contact our office at or 0207 248 898. We also offer Marketing Courses, please find out more.

PowerPoint Training for Sales and Marketing

Souters offers a Microsoft Office Diploma for Sales and Marketing, which enables you to elect three of these five packages; Excel for Sales and Marketing, PowerPoint for Sales and Marketing and Outlook for Event Management.

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