Information for Jobseekers Allowance and staff at Jobcentres

Information for Jobseekers Allowance and staff at Jobcentres

Advice for Jobseekers

If you are currently on Job Seekers’ Allowance(JSA), you can greatly enhance your employability from Souters’ courses.

Select a course which suits you and then explain to your JCP advisor how this will help you get a job.

Our courses are designed by experienced professionals, who have colluded with employers to create a truly job focused range of courses.

Not all advisors will know how to access this training, so you can mention that the Procserve Supplier Portal will provide access to our courses (some know this as the Zanzibar system).

Here are some links to the various areas of courses that we offer; Secretary Courses, PA Courses, Admin CoursesMicrosoft Office Courses, Office Manager Courses, CILEX Courses and other legal courses, Bookkeeping Courses, Typing CoursesManagement Training and much more.



A lot of Jobcentres have been accessing courses from Souters, to assist people on JSA improve their chances of attaining employment.

Some Jobcentres are not aware that Souters is available to quote for training on the Procserve Supplier Transaction Portal ( some know this as the Zanzibar system); as Souters have good links to employers this is a more cost effective route than many other options. Contact Souters if you need to discuss this.