The Career of a successful Executive Assistant

Neolia was working as a Receptionist at the time of take our diploma program. Since completing the course she has attained some prestigious roles as an Executive Assistant in some of the major bank in London. Presently she has just attained a new role in an American Investment Bank. Please read below about here career. If you would like to find out about taking her course click here: PA Secretary Diploma

What is your job title?

Personal Assistant

What courses did you complete at Souters?

PA/Secretarial Diploma

What did you enjoy about the courses?

It enabled me to work and attend the course at the same time so I considered it very flexible. The number of students in class is not too big which made it easier to learn.

In what ways do you feel that the course has benefited you?

Having no experience at all when I started the course, It gave me an overview of a PA role and responsibilities

In particular, how has it benefited your career?

It gave me the chances to be scheduled for interviews. When I was seeking for my first PA role, all interviewers focused on the course I completed at Souters. Before I took the course at Souters, it was more difficult to be considered for interviews.

What do you advise to anyone who is considering taking the course?

To absorb as much information as possible, to learn from Joan´s experiencies and ask as many questions as possible

What are your future aspirations in your career?

I have currently secured another PA role so will focus in performing my role to my best of abilities. Afterwards, I would like keep my work experience in the PA world, which I enormously enjoy

Would you consider taking another course to further your career and skill set?

I would consider a further course which might enhance my current skills

If you would like to find out about taking her course click here: PA Secretary Diploma