Executive PA Optimal Performance Course


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Small group size training for existing Executive Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Secretaries to senior managers, directors etc.; honed to focus their productivity and improve performance.


The Executive PA is increasingly becoming the linchpin in executive hierarchies. This course empowers PA’s to smoothly interface with their executive/s to increase executive productivity, management of time etc. and interface with other executive team members and important external contacts.

Course Format

Runs over one day 10:30 to 16:30.  Refreshments and lunch provided. This is a workshop delivery style so that there is active involvement of delegates; this is not at all a lecture style delivery. We keep group sizes small deliberately to encourage interpersonal involvement and development. The course is specialised and early booking is always advised as we cap numbers

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Course Content

  • Enhancing your skills as an Executive PA: Skills and attributes of a successful Executive PA; Self assessment and personal learning objectives for delegate.
  • Working with senior executives: Senior management: seeing things from their perspective; what do they need from you and how can you best support them?
  • How to manage upwards; Understand the six styles of leadership and management; how to ensure you get the most appropriate support from your manager; How to use the styles to manage others more effectively.
  • Developing communication skills: Effective communication: what does it look like? verbal and non-verbal communication; questioning techniques; honing communication to other peoples’ learning preferences.
  • Increasing personal performance: Understanding motivational drivers at work; how to be more assertive; saying “NO”; creating win/win solutions; being proactive; putting the four quadrants of time management to work; defining accountability and responsibility when assigning or tackling tasks; Increasing confidence; other practical exercises.
  • Defining the Future: Prepare a personal vision statement for your career development; Create an action plan to embed your skills further in the workplace.


What will I get out of it?

A full understanding of the Executive PA’s role in the management team; The management tools to be more proactive; Effective self-management and personal development; Key objectives to increase your own and your manager’s productivity; Assertive techniques to help manage your day; Techniques to stay ahead in your field and manage your own development; a recommended reading list; a blended learning experience allowing you to continue to develop your skills in the workplace.