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Held in Dublin, this is an Executive PA course that has been accredited by two professionally recognised organisations, the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators and the CPD Standards Institutes.

The training programme is lead by a team of experienced trainers in Business and Executive PA skills. Notable attendees in the past have come from Deutsche Bank, Danone, European Investment Bank, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse and United Nations.

Objectives Of The Course

The aim of the Executive PA training programme is to give attendees the ability to perform practically and effectively within their chosen roles. It also has the goal of boosting understanding of how best to develop your career and uses a combination of technical skills in administration and soft managerial skills that are necessary for modern Executive PA. There have been many changes to the role of Executive PA over the last couple of years. This course will also enable attendees to increase their awareness and skills so that they can offer managers a fuller and higher standard of support, which can, in turn, develop their relationship into more of a partnership.

Training Style

The focus of this training programme is on delivering high standard skills and is taken in an interactive and practical workshop-style environment. The training will include a wide range of interactive and practical exercises. The course has been used by numerous Executive PAs across the

Content Of Course

Below is an outline of the course content:

Executive PA Careers
  • Understanding the functions of an Executive PA in a modern working environment
  • Keeping ahead of the trends and understanding the fact that the Executive PA role is always evolving
  • Increasing your awareness of the high-level objectives of your business, assisting with your decision-making prioritisation skills
  • Boosting confidence and increasing knowledge of decision making and making sure that decisions are properly implemented
On the Job
  • Improving your ability to deal with executive level environments by increasing confidence
  • Building a partnership with executive by synchronising your role with theirs
  • Meeting executive needs by managing your position and responsibilities and establishing your own set of priorities
  • Taking the initiative, effectively multi-tasking, delegation
Management Skills
  • Executive PA related management theory introduction
  • Understanding different management styles
  • Executive PA role context
  • Improved understanding of employee motivation and engagement
  • Providing full support effectively, building a relationship with your executives
  • Remote management of relationships and understanding the cross cultures of the office
Communicating Effectively as an Executive PA
  • Building relationships and motivating colleagues with effective communication skills
  • Establishing a sense of influence over others with communication skills
  • Better understanding of non-verbal and verbal communication skills
  • How to ask effective questions and understanding different styles of questions
  • How to deal with office politics
  • Proofing and presenting business documentation
    Business Writing
    • Influencing others and convincingly conveying viewpoints
    • All forms of business writing such as emails, letters, memos and meeting minutes
    • Executive PA context of Business English
    Business Skills
    • Understanding the important role of social media within the modern Executive PA sector
    • Event and Project Management overview for EAs
    • Both external and internal negotiation and communication skills – covering win-win situations
    • EA interface for Human resources
    Establishing Strong Relationships Throughout Your Business
    • How to deal with stakeholders effectively and understanding why they are important to your role as Executive PA
    • Work assertiveness
    • Assertive V. Aggressive V. Passive
    • Establishing a professional working image
    • Understanding that you can’t always say yes to everything
    The Future and Your Executive PA Career
    • Controlling your career with a clearly mapped out plan
    • Looking at areas you could develop in more as an Executive PA and your strengths; to help build a tailor-made development plan for your career.

    Executive PA Course Accreditation

    This training course comes with full accreditation from CPD Standards Institute, who accredit various Continuing Professional Development training programmes. With the focus on giving participants the chance to further their career and add to their skill-set.

    It has also been additionally accredited by the Institute of Executive Assistants and Administrators. When you have successfully completed the course, you will receive an Executive PA IEAA certificate.

    Who is Suitable For This Course?

    • Individuals already employed as Executive PAs who wish to improve their effectiveness and improve their skills within their role, while gaining a professionally recognised qualification
    • Other individuals working in admin that wish to apply for higher level positions as Executive PAs and wish to improve their skill-set and gain another professionally recognised qualification
    • Individuals looking for training and qualifications to help them develop their career further and build a more professionally attractive resume and profile
    • Individuals already employed as Executive PAs looking to confirm their high-level commercial business skills and capabilities
    • Job-seekers and career-changers looking for an internationally recognised qualification to improve their job prospects

    Qualifications and Benefits of taking this Course

    • Certified Executive PA qualification accredited by CPD Standards Institute and Institute Of Executive PA’s and Administrators
    • Improve your CV and professional profile with an internationally recognised qualification
    • Improve your interpersonal skills within various business environments
    • Appreciate just how significant an Executive PA’s role is and become proactive in making your performance at work more efficient and effective
    • Deeper and greater understanding of managerial strategies and objectives
    • Greater understanding at higher levels of prioritisation, delegation and decision-making
    • Becoming an effective member of your managerial team
    • Boost your networks by improving your working image
    • Understanding how best to plan and control your career path
    • Personal career development plan

    Dates Of Training

    The training programme runs for three days, from 9.30 am in the morning to 4.30 pm in the afternoon each day.