Executive PA – Advanced Training Course in Personal Performance


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  “””””””””Course exceeded expectations as I feel it has inspired me to make a real change in how I feel about myself and the potential that I have to succeed in both my personal and work life.” – Attendee on the Executive PA Advanced Personal Performance Course.

For: Executive PAs, PAs, experienced Secretaries and Office Managers who wish to explore and develop advanced skills in communication, influencing, confidence, emotional intelligence and achieving goals.


The Advanced Training Course in Personal Performance is aimed at Executive PAs, PAs, experienced Secretaries and Office Managers who wish to explore and develop advanced skills in communication, influencing, confidence, emotional intelligence and achieving goals.

If you’ve ever struggled to understand how someone else thinks so differently, to get your message across or wondered why you have conflicting views, this workshop will show you what is happening and what you can do about it.

You will learn how to think differently, increase confidence, both for yourself and for those that you work with, and use simple to apply coaching and NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques to increase your personal performance.

This is a highly experiential 3 day training course.


•      Take your personal performance to a higher level and achieve more results.

•      Advance your career as an Executive PA, Office Manager etc.

•      Improve working relationships and manage others successfully.

•      Get more job satisfaction at work.

•      Learn and use best practise when goal setting.

•      Increase confidence to tackle new and challenging situations.

•      Know what to do to ‘get on someone else’s wavelength’ more effectively.

•      Reduce stress at work.

•      Understand how to play to your strengths more of the time.

•      Learn how to use coaching to resolve issues and manage others.

•      And much more…


Achieving goals

•      Learn a process for setting goals that is even more effective than the traditional ‘SMART’ goals model, so that you achieve objectives more consistently and easily.

•      Develop a systemic approach to planning, so that you understand the wider consequences of your actions and avoid the pitfalls.

•      Become solution focussed.

•      Achieve more results from less effort.

•      Create a personal career development action plan.

Developing yourself and the people you manage

•      Know how to get people on your side.

•      Understand what drives people to behave like they do.

•      Learn a coaching approach to managing others and how to get the best from them.

•      Find out how to really motivate people, including yourself.

•      Learn tools to avoid conflict at work.

Communicating and influencing

•      Learn how you can increase the effectiveness of your communications by 100%+.

•      Increase your rapport building skills to enhance relationships and understanding.

•      Develop feedback loops to measure your effectiveness and adapt your style.

•      Understand how we distort, delete and generalise when communicating and how to use precision language to overcome this.

•      Avoid misunderstandings and communicate clearly.

Confidence and well being at work.

•      Enjoy more confidence at work.

•      Know how to positively manage your emotional state.

•      Understand the part that your belief system plays in influencing what you do, say and achieve and how to use this knowledge to achieve more.

•      Reduce stress at work.

•      Use a modelling technique to learn how to tackle challenging situations more easily.

One to one coaching call

The one to one personal coaching call, 4 weeks after the workshop, will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your experiences since the course, discuss and resolve challenges and set the next actions in your own personal development programme.


•      Experienced Administrators, Secretaries, PAs and Executive PAs / Assistants who want to perform at their best.

•      If you have completed Souters’ Executive PA Workshop this is an ideal follow-on course.


•      Workshop format – 3 days. This course is highly specialised and runs on the basis of sufficient demmand; minumum group size six maximum ten

•      Personal 50 minute, one to one, coaching call with the course tutor – approximately 4 weeks after the workshop.

•      30 days post course email support.

•      Recommended reading.


The Executive PA Advanced Training Course in Personal Performance can also be delivered ‘in-house’.


Course times: 09.30 – 17.00 day 1 and 2; 9.30 to 16.00 day 3.