Executive Assistant Diploma


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The Executive Assistant Diploma provides the most complete set of training at a discounted rate. It combines the Executive PA Diploma Programme with a series of Advanced and Specialist Courses. This mix of skills provides the learner with a real edge in job market and develops an impressive career profile that can meet the requirements of high paying Executive Assistant Jobs.

Course Format

Our courses are taught by live tutors. Training is delivered in interactive, practical format. IT and typing modules can be made available online with a virtual tutor. Most live course end with an “on the job” simulation in assessment format, thus delivering the maximum training potential.

Course Content

The programme is a complete and comprehensive range of training for the serious student.

It includes the main Executive PA Diploma which itself is a combination of individual courses and programmes as follows:

You can then choose from three of our following specialised training courses as follows:

Specialist Administration

Project and Events Group

Finance and Bookkeeping Group

Soft Skills Group

Marketing, HR and VA Group

 .pdf file for this Diploma.

Dates and Duration

You would select then start with the Secretary PA Course with the most convenient start date for you. Thereafter you can selectively choose the course dates that suit you on an ongoing basis until your programme is complete.

Most people will allocate four to six months to achieve this. Your college attendance in person is only required on the actual running dates of your selected course units. The MS Office and typing units can be studied online, if preferred.

This course covers a broad range of training from the general duties of a PA so that most people with at least a good secondary education and a good working ability in English will suit this programme.


Combines the main skills of the highly recognised Executive PA Diploma with individual specialised/advanced units. This enables delegates to gain specialist skills that will enable them to progress their careers to higher levels and gain an advantage relative to their peers.