Executive Assistant Diploma


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The Executive Assistant Diploma provides the complete training to be a successful Executive Assistant. It combines core Assistant Admin skills with Executive Level Managerial training, Microsoft Office Training and Advanced and Specialist Courses. This mixture ensures you have the business knowledge and skills required to provide effective ‘business’ or organisational support to your Executive manager. This mix of skills allows the learner to increasingly work in partnership with their managers and move to the top of their careers.

Executive Assistant Diploma

Course Format

Live tutors teach our courses in virtual classrooms. Training is delivered in an interactive, practical format. IT modules can be made available online with a virtual tutor. The courses have work-simulated exercises and assessments to ensure that your skills are transferred back to the workplace.

Course Content

The programme is a complete and comprehensive range of training for ambitious Executive Assistants.

Below you can see the learning content, which is made of four learning components:

  • PA Certificate Course (core assistant skills)
    • The PA Certificate Course is the core skill of a PA. This is where you build the PA and Administration skills needed to be a successful Assistant. If you are an experienced PA or have a similar role, you can apply to be exempted due to your work experience or skills. Contact us for details.
  • Executive PA course
    • The Executive PA Certificate Course is the more advanced level of training. It focuses on the skills needed to support an Executive Manager. This covers a diverse range of skills.
  • Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant
  • Advanced Business Skills to develop your business, management, and the specialised skills needed to provide business support as an Executive Assistant. You can then choose from three of our following specialised training courses as follows:

Specialist Administration

Project and Events Group

Finance and Bookkeeping Group

Soft Skills Group

Marketing, HR and VA Group

Dates and Duration

You can start with the PA Course or the Microsoft Office Training. The PA Course commences on fixed dates; the next dates are at the top of the pages where it states dates. Microsoft Office Training can be started at any time.

Experienced PAs or EAs can apply for exemption from the PA Course. Please get in touch with us for more details.

For those of you who apply to be exempted from the PA Course, you will commence with either the Executive PA Certificate Course or the Microsoft Office Training.

You have up to one year to complete the training. However, you can request an extension if you cannot do so.


  • Gain a professional qualification
  • IEAA Level 5 – Executive Assistant Diploma
  • Build diverse skills to gain that edge in the job market and get high-level Executive Assistant Jobs.
  • Gain awareness of how to add value to your organisation and your executive manager.
  • Gain confidence that you are a truly effective Executive Assistant
  • Diversify your skills and open new doors for your career
  • Build your CV and Career Options
  • We have trained top EAs from around the UK, Europe and further afield. Gain from the expertise of our specialised trainers.

This Level 5 Executive Assistant Diploma forms part of the IEAA Executive Assistant Qualifications.

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8th July 2024, 5th August 2024, 16th September 2024, Flexible study mode start – PA Certificate Only