Executive Assistant Courses

Accredited Executive Assistant Training to take you to the top of your career

Our Executive Assistant Courses offer ambitious people the ability to develop the skills required to target the top Executive Assistant Jobs. Executive Assistant careers offer interesting and varied roles, delivering effective business support and partnership to senior management. We have developed an Executive Assistant Diploma and a broad range of Executive Assistant Courses, to enhance a broad range of skills required to meet the needs of these interesting and challenging roles. This has been developed from the input of a wide range of companies, who have confirmed that Executive Assistants need a broad range of business skills.

Executive Assistant Courses

The Executive Assistant Diploma is designed to cover all the skill areas required by a modern and effective Executive Assistant.

  • Secretary PA Course, which covers the core skills required to work as a PA. These are fundamental skills that must be possessed by an Executive Assistant. These set the foundations to develop into an Executive Assistant. If you are an experienced PA or Executive PA and you feel that you possess these skills already, a credit for this module can be attained on an assessment only basis. The Diploma cost will be reduced in this case; please mention when booking.
  • Executive PA Course, which covers the advanced skills required to function effectively at the executive level. This will broaden the business and managerial skill set in order to meet the requirements of an Executive PA
  • Microsoft Office Diploma for an Executive Assistant covers the main Microsoft packages required in Executive Assistant roles. This is fundamental for anyone working in this field.

Executive Assistant Training in Virtual Classrooms

The above content is the entire Executive PA Diploma, but the Executive Assistant Diploma goes to a higher level. This is because it includes three specialist Business skills courses, choose them from the below list. The range of Executive Assistant Courses that focus on business skills enables Executive Assistants to progress into providing a greater level of business support to their managers.

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    Specialist Administration Group

    • Report Writing Workshop: A valuable skill to develop and particularly relevant to Executive Assistants working in certain industries.
    • Minute Taking Workshop: This is a skill that is often required by EA Job, but many EA Jobs do not have this requirement. As an Executive Assistant, you must ensure that you are confident in this area, in particular, if called to take high profile board minutes.

    Project and Events Group

    • Events Management Training Course: Event Management Training is required for many Executive Assistant roles. Many EAs organise events for their organisation and this course provides a qualification in the field, skills to coordinate an event in a controlled and risk-managed manner and confidence to take on larger events.
    • Project Management for PAs (one day): Project Management is a common and popular path for Executive Assistants. This course is specially designed to assist Executive Assistants in utilising their transferable skills to move into Projects and gain knowledge in areas of Project Management that is commonly developed as an EA.

    Finance and Bookkeeping Group

    • Book-keeping: This is taught by Chartered Accountants in order to develop a sound knowledge of Bookkeeping and Accounting to cover any Financial functions that come in up in your role.
    • Finance Skills for a PA: Executive Assistant can develop a sound knowledge of high-level Finance using this course. It will assist you in attending high-level business meetings, where financial matters are discussed. This delivers valuable knowledge of financial terminologies and an understanding of their significance.

    Soft Skills Group

    • Executive PA Advanced Performance – Personal Effectiveness: This is a masterclass in Effective Performance for an Executive Assistant. This will enable you to hone your managerial soft skills to function effectively and influence effectively in executive circles.
    • Executive PA Advanced Performance – Communications and Negotiation: This is a masterclass in Effective Performance for an Executive Assistant. This will enable you to hone your managerial soft skills to function effectively and influence effectively in executive circles.

    Marketing, HR and VA Group

    • Introduction to Human Resources: Human Resources is a key area for many Executive Assistants. Assisting your manager in Recruitment and Selection Process, HR Compliance, Training and Development function, Inductions and many others. All of these are HR functions and consolidating your practical experience on the job with a formal HR qualification will open many options for an Executive Assistant.
    • Introduction to Marketing: Marketing is an interesting area that is becoming an area of opportunity for an Executive Assistant. Here you can gain a clear understanding of the topic and confidence to work in the field.
    • Social Media Course: Social Media is a common business requirement. It can be done effectively and is an opportunity to overachieve, if it is approached from the perspective of a professional Marketing / Communications function, rather than Administration. This course is delivered by an expert in the field. It will EAs to develop and execute a clearly Social Media Marketing Campaign.
    • Virtual Assistant: For future career options, some EAs have taken this module to open up the possibility of becoming their own boss.
    • Business English workshop: For international delegates, this workshop has assisted in gaining confidence in the realm of Business English.