Introduction to VBA in Excel – CPD Accredited


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This is a CPD Accredited Introduction to VBA Training Course that is delivered in a classroom setting. The training is highly practical and is delivered by an expert in the field, who has years of experience in both the practical application of VBA and delivering training in VBA at all levels.

Introduction to VBA Course – 1 Day Course in London.

The course is accredited and successful completion of the course will lead to accredited certification from the CPD Standard Institute.

Course Content

Macros and VBA
  • Recording and running macros
  • Assigning macros to menus, toolbars and buttons
  • Understanding how to edit the VBA in your Macros
  • Absolute vs Relative References in VBA
How to start writing your own code
  • Excel objects
  • How to build my own Code
  • Variables and constants in VBA
  • If statements in VBA
How to repeat your code
  • Looping and how it works practically
  • Understanding Conversion functions
  • User-defined functions
  • User forms and dialog boxes
How to debug errors
  • Error-handling and debugging
  • Use the object browser
  • Build codes that is less likely to incur errors
Taking VBA further
  • Managing the Visual Basic editor
  • Input boxes and Message boxes
  • Understanding objects, properties, methods and events
  • Workbook and Worksheet events
  • Getting help in VBA

Training Course Outcome

  • The ability record, edit and run macros
  • Edit and build code in Visual Basics
  • Write your own Visual Basic code
  • Learn how and why to use loops, variables and if statements
  • Write your own VBA code functions
  • Understand and write object-oriented concepts
  • How to build VBA code that will be less likely to have errors
  • Working knowledge of the main Excel VBA objects/properties
  • Understand Debug and how to correct errors
  • Understand the Excel VBA functions
  • Confidence and core knowledge required to move to Intermediate and Advanced Level training in VBA

Benefits of taking our VBA Training

  • CPD Standards Institute accredited
  • Taught by experienced and highly qualified tutors in small classes
  • Highly practical and work related training material
  • Confidence to perform VBA in your work
  • The ability to continue to study VBA at higher levels
  • Certificate on completion
  • Greater career options, job opportunities and earning potential with VBA skills

Training Course Timings

The course runs from 10:00 to 16:00 for one day. You can see the next course dates by going to our course schedule

The training is held at our training centre in the City of London.


Our instructor led classes have a  trainer with both a high level of professional and teaching experience with sound academic qualifications.

This ensures that the learner gains from the expertise and guidance of a high quality professional.


The is accredited by the CPD Standard Institute and a certificate will be issued on successful completion.

We do offer a 2 day option that will build on the introductory skills gained in this course and develop more advanced VBA skills. You can find more about our 2 Day Course here.