Excel for Human Resources Professionals Course – CPD Accredited


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Excel for HR Professionals

Souters is a specialist in Human Resources and Microsoft Office
Training. Our training staff have delivered training to major
Organisations in London and across globe.

This course has been designed by a mixture of high level HR
Professionals and Excel Training Specialists. We are one of London’s few
Microsoft Certified Academies and we have a state of the art training
systems that can be utilised online. The course gives the learner the
knowledge of Excel to assist them in performing well in their roles. It
is also a Certified qualification and Certificates are issues on
successful completion of the course.

Excel for HR Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide targeted MS Excel tuition to meet
the requirements of a job in HR. The course focuses on the key
requirements of the average job description. The course acts as an
excellent preparation for job interviews and assessment centre and is
ideal for those working in the industry but need to improve their Excel

Training Course Format

The training course is an online course and delivered on a state of the
art system. Our training system uses a virtual tutor who can instruct
the user, follow the user’s errors and suggest the correct method to the

This method of online training is similar to having a personal tutor.

The course can be taken over 3 months and you will need to complete the
assessment, in London or remotely, before the end of the course to gain
CPD Accredited Certification. If you do not complete the course is 3
months, you can extend the period of your course.

You will have access to the training modules for one full year, which is can be a useful reference point in the future.

Course Content

The course syllabus focuses on the most commonly required Excel tasks in Human Resources Jobs.

Here is an outline of the course:

  • Formatting in Excel
  • Proficient Level Formulas to help manipulate, summarise and manage data
  • Tables in Excel
  • Printing attractive documents and managing the View Functions
  • Shortcuts and tips to build efficiency
  • Charts and presenting data to Management or Wider Audiences through Presentations.
  • Graphics and Illustrations
  • Pivots Tables and Charts
  • Advanced Formulas (VLookup, Date Functions, Sumif and much more)
  • IF statements, AND and OR
  • Nested, Arrays and Conditions Formulas
  • Auditing and Error Checking
  • Templates and themes
  • Protecting workbooks
  • Sharing workbooks

Course Options

Learners who prefer to learn from a tutor can opt to take one-to-one
tuition with our tutors in London. This has been opted for by many
learners in the past. Please contact our office for details. You can see
details of our Bespoke Training Courses.

Course Benefits

  • CPD Certification in Excel for HR
  • Accredited qualification will boost CV and Job options
  • This provides the Excel skills needed to succeed in Human Resources
  • Excellent practice in preparation for any interview or assessments from recruiters or future employers
  • The comprehensive nature of the course gives the solid basis to build your career
  • Confidence in using Excel in the workplace
  • Greater efficiency in the workplace