Excel Course – Beginner Level


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Microsoft Excel is a key part of many office roles; it is particularly important to jobs with an element of finance, accounts or bookkeeping. However, many Admin, PA, sales staff and numerous other roles now require proficient level skills in Excel. Many employers will test their new employees on excel skills and will not hire staff who fail to demonstrate Excel skills. Our Excel Course for Beginners enables learners to build a strong foundation in this fundamental professional skill.

Excel Training Course Objective

To enable students to pass beginner level assessments in Excel and prgress to Intermediate / Proficient Level. Our training centre is a Microsoft Office Academy and this ensures that we deliver all training to the highest level. The Excel Training Course is also a CPD Accredited course, so CPD Certification is issued to staff on completion of the training.

Course Format

This is an online and interactive course. The course is delivered using a virtual tutor on a live server. This is a state of the art learning system. The virtual tutor will instruct you and correct your exercises. This standard of interactive learning will enable you to gain from interactive learning. This is available to you on a flexible basis, you can start at anytime and the course is available all the time. You have 6 months to complete the training course.

Excel Training London

Course Content

Getting Started with Excel
  • Basic within new workbooks and an overview of the functionalities of Excel
  • Formatting in an Excel Workbook
  • Formatting font; formatting cells; borders; colours, highlighting
  • Copying, cutting, pasting and other formatting issues in Excel
Calculations in Excel
  • Set out your first Excel calculation and entering a calculation formula
  • Calculating a sum and other basic functions
  • Reproducing data in adjacent cells
Increase your efficiency as an Excel user
  • Simple numerical formats and checking spelling
  • Find and replace
  • Inserting/deleting/moving rows, columns and cells
  • Copying to non-adjacent cells; how to merge cells; change cell style; change the orientation of cell content
Print an attractive document
  • Page layout; print preview and printing
  • Repeating row/column headings on printed pages; headers and footers; hiding elements of a sheet
  • Page breaks and print area
  • Manipulating your Workbook
Introduction to tables
  • Sort data, customise the presentation, copy formatting, and work with automatic date.
  • Date formats
  • Splitting the window, freezing a column/row
  • Tables and Charts
  • Subtotal rows; advanced filtering options

Dates and Duration

The course lasts for six months, but can be completed much earlier if studied full-time. It can be taken online from anywhere. Learners have an option for one month of training in our training centre.

Course Requirements

No set requirement. The course starts from Beginner Level.

If you are looking to study at a higher level, please see details of our Intermediate Excel Course, Advanced Excel Course and Microsoft Excel Diploma.

Course Benefits

  • Training written by senior Microsoft Trainers from a Microsoft Certified Academy, so the content has been certified to the highest standards
  • Interactive training from a live server with Virtual Tutor enables
    learner to receive instruction, as if they have a personal tutor
  • CPD Accredited Excel Course with a CPD Certificate of Excel Proficiency issued on successful completion
  • The training is highly practical with numerous exercise to ensure that you remember these details
  • Professional accredited qualification will build your CV


Beginner Excel Training Course