The Duke of Edinburgh Award Training Courses

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Training Courses

Souters is now assisting young people and their parents in developing a skill for the DoE Award that will

One requirement is to gain a new skill which has been addressed by some well thought ideas by parents.

Many parents who have busy careers and have completed University degrees are all too aware that the school system does not always fully develop some key skills.

Typing Courses for the DoE Award

Touch Typing Courses for the DoE Award
Both at University and in the workplace the need to Touch Type accurately and quickly is a tremendous asset. Unfortunately, there is never a better time to gain this skill than as a teenager as young minds develop he skill very fast.


PowerPoint and Excel Courses for the DoE Award


Excel Courses for the DoE Award
Many parents who work with Excel know all about how this is vital to getting the correct job.Very rarely to University and School Leavers have the correct Excel skills that are needed to do a job with a lot of MS Excel.

PowerPoint Courses for the DOE Award
PowerPoint is great for University, A Levels and at work. It’s a programme that can be muddled through, but to use it correctly is not so easy. Getting advanced training in PowerPoint is ideal.

Other parents have also opted to take MS Word Training for their DoE. There is also another great option which is MS Access training which could give the grounding skill to get high paid IT and IT systems jobs.

All Courses are Accredited

All of the training courses are available with CPD Accreditation and a Certificate at the end. If in doubt of the suitability, you can ask our staff and they will make sure that the course meets the requirements of DoE. Call 0207 248 8987 or email

Please see details of the mentioned courses below: