Understanding Equality and Diversity – CPD Accredited


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This course presents essential aspects regarding equality and diversity and the real benefits of equality and diversity at work, in your community and in society at large. You will become familiar with the ideals and goals of equality and diversity, the rights and obligations of employers and employees, the role of diversity in communities, and the benefits that come from learning or working in places that actively support diversity.

Equality and Diversity Course

This course considers concepts and definitions with regard to equality
and diversity, addresses unfair discrimination and prejudice, and looks
at the Human Rights Act (1998) and its consequences today. You will
learn about the policies and initiatives that have been implemented to
promote and preserve equality and diversity in the workplace and in
institutes of learning. This course will also introduce you to the ways
in which community life substantially profits from diversity and will
also examine the current multiple and diverse perils that,
unfortunately, still endanger the advancement of equality and diversity.

Course Content

Section 1: Exploring equality and diversity

Look at the definitions and concepts associated with equality and diversity.

Section 2: Exploring how people’s rights and responsibilities are protected at work

Prejudice and discrimination as well as the Human Rights Act (1998).

Section 3: Working or learning in a place that promotes diversity

Processes that are in place to protect and maintain equality and diversity.

Section 4: Living in diverse communities

Diversity enriches community life. Your
employees will also look at the threats that exist towards equality and

Benefits of the Training Course

  • Learn from your own home, at
    your own pace
  • Gain awareness of an important area
  • Equality and Diversity is vital area of Employee Legislation and HR
  • CPD Accredited – Certification available on completion of the course

Additional information

Course Date

14th January 2021, 26th February 2021

Course Location

Online, London, Manchester