Criminal Law – Distance Learning


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The course considers important topics in the fields of criminal procedure and sentencing, which has been the focus of public attention in recent years, which has in turn generated a welter of legislative activity; the course presents the current position with a view to future changes in the pipeline.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have gained substantial understanding of the fundamentals of criminal litigation; together with enhanced practical skills needed to work within this fast-paced and changing area.
Course Structure
An introduction to Criminal Law – Setting the scene
  • Trial on Indictment
  • Summary Trial
  • Classes of Offences
  • Office and Legal Conduct

Preliminaries to Court Appearance

  • PACE’, Procedure, and Codes of Practice
  • Commencing a Prosecution: The Two Basic Methods
  • Arrest, investigate and charge

Prosecutors & Legal Personnel

  • The Police
  • The Crown Prosecution Service
  • The Law Officers
  • Barristers/Counsel
  • Solicitors

The Decision to Prosecute

  • Methods of commencing a prosecution
  • Alternatives to Prosecution – Decision and Consideration

The Wheel and Oil of the Criminal Justice System

  • The Criminal Court Structure and the European Dimension
  • Youth Courts
  • Jurisdiction of the Courts
  • Bail and Remands
  • Mode of Trial
  • Disclosure
  • The Course of the Trial
  • Sentencing
  • The Crown Court

Legal Word Processing & Essentials of Application & procedure (Practical Exercises)