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Our Civil Litigation provides students with a thorough grasp of practice and procedure, and the rules and principles as applied by the courts. The course provides a sound foundation of understanding in the major areas of civil litigation. The unit will consist of selected topics chosen from the following: general principles and practice of civil litigation, including the organisation, jurisdiction and functions of the civil courts and of the legal profession.


To provide a course that will provide a solid foundation and overview of Civil Litigation practice, principles and procedure.

Course Format

Distance Learning. Practical exercises. Optional exam and certification. Flexible start dates and flexible study dates; can be completed in two to three weeks but six months is allowed.

Course Content

  • An introduction to Civil Law
  • The Civil Courts
  • The Overriding Objective and Human Rights
  • The Courts’ approach under the Civil Procedure Rules
  • Pre-action consideration:
  • Funding litigation & client care
  • Initial interview and instructions
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Pre-action protocols;
  • Basic limitation rules under the Limitation Act 1980.
  • Issuing and serving proceedings: The Claim Form; service and filing; other forms; tracks under the Woolf Reforms; rules and compliance; sanctions.
  • Civil Courts Procedure; witnesses and expert witnesses; hearsay evidence; Part 36 Offers; damages and compensation.
  • Essentials of application & procedure (practical sessions)
  • Optional exam

Who is it for?

This course is designed for non-lawyers and legal support staff wishing to work within, or to understand, the Civil Law sphere.


CPD Certification based on coursework.